Firework @ Bon Odori 2012, Esplanade Penang

22nd July 2012 (just so that i’ll remember the actual date of the event next time)

went to Bon Odori Festival for the first time. and boy it was so crazingly crowded and stuffy. thanks to Ernest Zacharevic‘s art murals (which we visited earlier the day), everyone’s flocking to Penang (good job in boasting Penang’s tourism!). imagine all the sweaty people swarmed at the same place. thanks but no thanks. CC volunteered to buy us food while we sat on the grass waiting for him! and luckily we went there late, killed a little time watching the Japanese danced on stage and then it’s time for the highlight of the night. firework.

Firework @ Bon Odori 2012

Firework @ Bon Odori 2012

Firework @ Bon Odori 2012
this’s my favourite. it’s as is the firework was gonna fall on me!

Firework @ Bon Odori 2012

Firework @ Bon Odori 2012

Firework @ Bon Odori 2012

wasn’t really happy with the shots i got. too smoky (due to the wind) and the angle wasn’t really good. but then i haven’t really been handling a huge ass canggih camera dslr for some time, so yeah need more bonding time with him (the dslr, i mean). just in case you’re wondering, i borrowed it from LC. thanks babe <3. still waiting patiently for mine though hehe.

would i go again next year, yeah if i am being chauffeured. cos we waited an hour before we could exit from the parking building. insane.


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    1. i know i know. but since i am already there, might as well enjoy and then think about the consequences after that :/

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