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{Event} XPlay 2013 @ Soju Room

November 1st, 2013 [Friday]

where were you last Friday night? I was doing what I do best wtf

together with a bunch of bloggers! and a kryoman-wannabe 😛

he ar, got all the limelight instead of me, dang!

Xplay 2012 @ Room, Autocity

I attended last year’s Xplay with LC. that’s how I met Henry and Christer exactly one year ago! arghhh time really flies by huh.

look back at this photo now, gosh I look pretty matured with curls eh! I think I look younger with straight hair, agree?

last year we had all three sultry ladies spinning, this year, we girls got luckier LOL. first up was Dj Xu who looks like a Korean celebrity with his loose curls hair.

Dj Gianni Marino then took over the stage. one of the most good-looking DJ I have ever seen. and the tunes were quite good!

in between, we were entertained by some yoyo performance.

and of course, a great partay couldn’t do without a nice beer – Carlsberg.

and then Dj Agent Smith came on stage..

I was like O.o he seems so so so familiar.. I must have met him somewhere.. and guess where!

in Shanghai! at Xin Tian Di! in fact we had lunchy at the same restaurant too! gosh the world is so freaking small wtf.

as if I really know him liddat haha. I didn’t know who he is back then, I thought he is a model with a freaking cool songkok hairstyle, so must snap! and that’s how I recognized him on stage!

managed to grab him for a photo. but got two stupid bombers *rolls eyes*. notice how our eyes look at different cameras. haih failed.

the crowd went crazy when three of them span together!

great company that night (clockwise) – Jerilyn, Nicholas (Henry’s friend), Henry and  Jason! wish my bitch was there too!

and here’s what I wore for that night!

I know my booties and the bag are not matchy AT ALL. most of my belonging were transported back home, and I am living out of my luggage(s) now, like literally, so excuse my wardrobe incohesiveness ar!

Kuchingite, Xplay is coming to you tonight (November 8th) at Borneo Convention Centre! and people is Kota Kinabalu & KL, fret not, ready to partay on November 16th and 30th respectively! have fun! 😉

do you know you can get free passes by just doing some typing and clicking? check out this website!

oh it’s Friday again, have a lovely weekend Anteaders <3


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