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{Event} Wacoal Salute Reigning Supreme Showcase @ Parkson, Gurney Plaza

September 6th, 2013 [Friday]

in celebration of Salute’s 30th anniversary, Wacoal Malaysia showcased the latest collection of this supreme lingerie line at a party held at Parkson Gurney Plaza. and i am one of the many female bloggers being invited to the only-female-allowed partay! this was the third time (recap: first & second) i was invited to fashion show!

embodying opulence and sophistication, the regal Salute ensembles of the evening had once again, captured the imagination of its “devotees”, who turned up ceremoniously in black or gold for the event themed “Reigning Supreme”.

me being surrounded by fancy brassieres and panties.

i showed up with black AND gold, goldish nude top and black lacey skirt (both were inherited from mami hehe) fastened with studded belt, and a pair of (new) nude heels and i was good to go! a berry last minute ensemble :/

Salute (/sə'(j)u:t/): a gesture of respect or polite recognition

indeed, from brassieres and panties to garter belts, Salute has evolved from just designing evening slips in 1983 in Japan, to creating a full range of intimate apparels beaming with captivating hues and dashing details.

today, as if a shimmering pearl afloat on the waves of luxurious lingerie, Salute by Wacoal is ever more radiant than it was shaped 30 years ago.

staying true to its aspiration of fulfilling Asian women’s desire for European flair lingerie, Salute is produced precisely to suit petite frames. Wacoal’s exclusive collaborations with avant-garde lacemakers lend a novel touch to the textile that has been held dear for centuries.

continuing to flaunt the enduring and ostentatious beauty of laces, the latest collection is ablaze with vibrant hues of floral motifs that seemingly spring into life with charm and vitality – attesting to Wacoal’s decades of expertise in producing credible and well-loved intimate apparels.

without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, lemme present you, the Garden of Eden, brilliant and luscious the Salute Spring/Summer 2013 collection!

and the show begins 😀

play boy inspired 😛

so antonielles (moniker for female readers of AntzWorLd hehe), which one tickles your fancy most?

personally i prefer pastel hue ones which are not overly laced as i wear t-shirt berry often (to lab), i wouldn’t want any attraction to my bosom. mature ladies might prefer those in darker hues with intricate laces 🙂

the latest Salute collection is available at Parkson Pavilion, Parkson KLCC and Parkson Gurney Plaza!

partner-in-crime, LC & the ant!

also met few bloggers for the first time, Valyn (of It’s All About Valyn) and YT (of My Warm Nest)! met YT at an event before! both of them are super friendly especially Valyn! she’s so petite she can pull Zara kids apparel off, damn. 😛

photo credit to Crystal Loo's Instagram (@crystal_loosc)

bloated yours truly, Chloe (of 月光下のApplefish), Crystal (of 水晶步落盒子) and Sock Peng (of mylovelybluesky)!

all of them are really down-to-earth and we can actually chat even though we just met like one minute ago!

photo credit to Amelia Soo

and also the usual faces in Penang’s blogosphere 😀 Kharnyee (of Kharnyee), Amelia Soo (of Amelia’s) and Shelyn (of Shelynated). haih all of them are so young *wail*.

i had a great night being reunited with my blogger friends and admiring models strutting down runway in sexay lingerie! not regretting giving up my A|X Launch Party passes!

special thanks to Olivia Ong & Wacoal Malaysia for extending the invitation! xoxo


14 thoughts on “{Event} Wacoal Salute Reigning Supreme Showcase @ Parkson, Gurney Plaza

  1. Yerr, I not friendly meh? I shy mah! I m quite an introvert when it comes to public/strangers. Hehehe. Ok lar ok lar, fine, Valyn is wayyyy friendlier.

    Anyway, hi.

    Met twice 😀 Mayb the third time I will warm up better ^^

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