Ernest Zacharevic @ George Town Penang, with map

22nd July 2012

Ernest Zacharevic is an Lithuanian Artist who vandalized painted murals for Mirrors George Town in conjunction of George Town Festival 2012.

The project consists of 8 large-scale wall paintings strategically placed within the core heritage zone of George Town. The painted figure drawings and portraits celebrate the multiculturalism and diversity of local inhabitants. (source)

i have posted two of the murals here and here. but that’s not all, we actually spent a (late) afternoon on a Saturday strolling across streets snapping away before heading to Bon Odori 2012!

pretentious bitch i am!

our first stop was Armenian Street!

but too bad there’s a long queue before us, so i snapped this cube while waiting impatiently.

gleeful kiddos on bike @ Armenian Street

my partners in crime for the day, CC, CB and CB’s bff, Ciang who looks like a Japanese doll.

and then we went to Rescube, an art gallery showcasing some art pieces from several artists, including Ernest Zacharevic himself.

i am not really an artsy fartsy person, so i don’t fathom some of the pieces there. like 5 packets of kopi peng hung on a wall. hallo? what does it suppose to mean? i snapped it but the picture turned blurry so use your imaginary! and i’ll let you decipher the following pieces yourself. description are all by unimaginative yours truly.

i am watching you watching me

pretty eerie eh



steps to the heaven

crying | face in palms


floral bottles?

human in desert

and the man behind all the murals and some of the art you have seen a while ago, Ernest Zacharevic.

he’s taken. in case you’re wondering.

chained rhino and the mat rempit junior @ Ah Quee Street

at first there’s only the mat rempit, but some jokers drew the rhino at the back, trying to scare the shit out of junior. and then Ernest Zacharevic drew the kiddo chaining the rhino. smart ass no? and yesh, the bicycle and the bike were all-time there. noone steal them. yet. or maybe they were too ancient to function. haha

folk @ Armenian Street

some random house which i thought is berry rustic.

i have a thing for handles like this. maybe i’ll install to my future home instead of an electronic bell!

with nerdy CC on a trishaw. some of the shots here are courtesy of him!

show some loves @ Cannon Street

this is right beside of this kiddo.

and then we had a tea break at this lil’ quaint Swiss cafe which i’ll blog about it soon!

the kungfu girl @ Muntri Street

the trishaw folk @ Penang Road

last but not least,

lemme mend your broken heart @ Love Land. how apt!


***updated (30th July 2012)

here’s a map (courtesy of Criz Lai) for those who are interested!


27 thoughts on “Ernest Zacharevic @ George Town Penang, with map

    1. yaya, pretty interesting. that’s why we were there to snap these street art, although we are not really artsy fartsy.

  1. I really like seeing art from places… I probably won’t be visiting any time soon. I went to my first “real” (and by real I mean really interesting) museum just a few weeks ago and it was amazing. (I went to the MET.) This art work is really unique and interesting. I especially love all the paintings on the wall! Looks like you had an artsy time πŸ˜‰

    BTW, I’m having a jewelry giveaway of your choice so come by and enter! πŸ™‚
    Tania recently posted..Bunnie Bar x Jewelry Giveaway!My Profile

    1. wow. i don’t really know how to appreciate art, not a berry artsy fartsy lass :/

      i would love to join the giveaway if only it’s open to international readers!

    1. at his art gallery at Beach Street! πŸ˜€

      that’s one of my fav shot for that day too hehe. you have got taste πŸ˜›

    1. Hallo Huai Bin! haha so you all went all the way to balik pulau for durian feast?

      huh? can’t find? it should be pretty easy to find cos there’s crowd at each murals. anyway, i have uploaded the map here! maybe a trip up north again some time later?

      glad that you have enjoyed penang food! that’s what penang is femes for! it’s ok, there’s always next time! πŸ™‚

        1. yeah durian fest is over but i can still see people selling it =.= it’s not a seasonal fruit anymore ar

          i went there during the peak of the season, and the durian flesh is ooh lala πŸ˜€ thick and not too moist, just the way we likey!

    1. we love his murals too! it’s really unique the way he illustrated the faces of penangite on the huge ass walls with some 3d props!

      and what more surprisingly is, the props are still there!!! even after so many weeks!

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