{Penang} Dinner @ Khunthai Restaurant, Teluk Kumbar

i have always had a thing for spicy food! and tomyam is one of my favourite dish in the whole wide world, apart from whipped cream, pai guat (pork ribs), and dark chocolate!

so everyone tell me i should try this Thai Restaurant. i would love to if only it’s situated right in front of USM. the journey there is impossible without personal vehicle. i waited patiently…and then one day the boyf said let’s go to Teluk Kumbar for some Thai food. i beamed! but brushed him off saying ‘haiya so far away, no need la’ i was trying to be a good girlf, you know. as he just drove up from KL earlier the day. but but he insisted so YEAH! we asked JS to come along since he never been there too!

{Penang} Dinner @ Khunthai Restaurant, Teluk Kumbar

after 25 minutes of driving, deng deng deng! i have heard so muchy of you baby! hehe

{Penang} Dinner @ Khunthai Restaurant, Teluk Kumbar

we arrived 8ish and it was full house!

{Penang} Dinner @ Khunthai Restaurant, Teluk Kumbar

so was al fresco area too! where we were seated. cozy-er i reckon.

Unfortunately the lighting was not favorable hence i fired the flash in every foodie shots, bear with me okie.

{Penang} Dinner @ Khunthai Restaurant, Teluk Kumbar
Thai Coconut | RM 4

ordered coconut to quench our thirsts! berry refreshing…

{Penang} Dinner @ Khunthai Restaurant, Teluk Kumbar
Mixed Seafood Tom Yam (S) | RM 20

how can one not order tom yam in a Thai restaurant? the broth was berry thick and flavorful, spicy and sour enough, to my liking! my threshold for spicy is notoriously high. seafood like prawns, squids, and slices of fish can be found in the broth. the squids however were not fresh at all as they were berry soft and errr slimy. i still prefer the one at Ta-Jai Thai Restaurant.

{Penang} Dinner @ Khunthai Restaurant, Teluk Kumbar
Kerabu Mango (S) | RM 9

sourish mango strips + sweet anchovies + crunchy cashew nuts = great appetizer!  even i myself who don’t really likey fried anchovies couldn’t resist this. this dish stimulated our appetites for the following dishes!

{Penang} Dinner @ Khunthai Restaurant, Teluk Kumbar
Pandan Chicken (S) | RM 10
{Penang} Dinner @ Khunthai Restaurant, Teluk Kumbar
Pandan Chicken (S) | RM 10

seasoned chicken wrapped in pandan leaves, and deep fried.

{Penang} Dinner @ Khunthai Restaurant, Teluk Kumbar
Deep Fried Tofu Thai | RM 5

crispy on the outside, moist and soft in the inside. best eaten with the nutty thai chilli sauce!

{Penang} Dinner @ Khunthai Restaurant, Teluk Kumbar
Thai Steamed Fish | RM 42.25

we had ang cho fish (in hokkien) drenched in some special sourish gravy. they provide the gravy in another bowl so that you can refill or pour it over your rice (that’s what the boyf did). the fish was berry fresh! and the gravy wasn’t too overpowering.

{Penang} Dinner @ Khunthai Restaurant, Teluk Kumbar
Seafood Combo with lala, squids and Mantis shrimp | RM 50

this look a little gross to be honest. all the seafood jumbled up when it’s served. and the portion was HUGE that it’s intimidating three of us. how on earth do we wallop it off?

the flavour of the gravy was packed with flavour, with a tinge of sourness from the lemon. the squids were again, not fresh at all. and thanks to that, we just have to finish the lala and shrimp.

{Penang} Dinner @ Khunthai Restaurant, Teluk Kumbar

fresh HUGE shrimp!

Total damaged: RM 149.35 for three! pretty reasonable seeing we ordered 6 dishes altogether. man we can really eat wei.

Khunthai Restaurant

1052, Mukim 9, Pasir Belanda,
Teluk Kumbar, 11920 Penang
+604 6251155

there’s also another branch in Butterworth,

104, Permatang Tengah,
13000 Butterworth
+604 3327523

and for KL-ites, there’s two branches for you! say yay!

5&6, Jalan 5/44, Petaling Gardens,
Ogg Jalan Gasing, 46000 Petaling Jaya.
+603 77817523

17A & 18A, Jalan Desa 2/8,
Desa Aman Puri, 52100 Kepong, Selangor
+603 62773523


13 thoughts on “{Penang} Dinner @ Khunthai Restaurant, Teluk Kumbar

    1. we can really mum ma seimou!

      i have no idea pandan chicken originates from where, but i googled, people seems to state that it’s a thai dish :/

    1. it’s my first time there le. so surely is my first time blogging about it. it’s quite popular in penang, so others might have written about it.

      hmmmm the price is considered reasonable seeing the dishes we ordered wo

  1. Some of your pictures aren’t working for me 🙁 But for the ones that do, the food looks delicious! One day I’ll have to make my way over there to try it. I love tomyum soup…. and I like the one with coconut milk even more! 🙂

    PS – I didn’t know whipped cream was a … dish :p
    Tania recently posted..coveted and mineMy Profile

    1. you love tomyam soup too? greeeeat! make sure you try those in authentic thai restaurant if you are here 🙂

      errrr whipped cream ISa dish to me. its calorie worth a dish. or two :/

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