{Penang} Dessert @ Sweet-i Tong Sui House, Taman Lip Sin

went to this tongsui place after dinner just now which previously located along Jalan Sungai Dua, but has recently moved to a new place. in fact today’s the first day of their reopening and there i was trying it out. speaking of kiasuness hehe.

Coralline Algae with Lily Bulbs, Red Dates & Snow Fungus 百合 红枣 海燕窝 雪耳露 | RM 5

berry refreshing dessert! as i know, snow fungus is the poor man’s version of bird nest, so yeah good for our complexion!

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Red bean soup with ginkgo & lotus seeds

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Red Bean Soup with Ginkgo & Lotus Seeds 延年红豆沙 | RM 3.50

there’s another version available, Kelp Red Bean Paste Tong Shui 海带 生磨红豆糊. yup kelp in dessert! that’s on my to-try list during my next visit!

Black Sesame Paste 生磨香浓黑芝麻糊 | RM 4.50

look’s might be unappealing but it’s really thick and flavourful. look can be deceiving, no?

if you’re no sesame person, Peanut Cream might suit your tastebud.

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Lou han guo leng chee kang with ginkgo

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Lou Han Guo Leng Chee Kang with Ginkgo 六味清补凉 罗汉果糖水 | RM 4

as you can see, it’s packed with ingredients! worth the bucks you paid for
other than what we had, there’s also
Pear Soup with Chuan Bei & Honey Dates 川贝蜜枣雪梨糖水 | RM4.50
Ginkgo Nut barley Fungus Fu-Zhu Soup  白果薏米雪耳腐竹浆 | RM 3.50

so, tong sui, anyone?

Sweet-i Tong Sui House

No.41, Jalan Nipah,
Taman Lip Sin
(Along Super Tanker Food court)
operation hour: 1400 – 2230


9 thoughts on “{Penang} Dessert @ Sweet-i Tong Sui House, Taman Lip Sin

    1. oh you are one kiasu fella too! 😛

      i love how their tongsuis are not overly sweet and have generous amount of liao hehe

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