{Penang} Chee Cheong Fun @ Genting Cafe, Island Glades

chee cheong fun | RM 2 ( 2 rolls) / RM 3 (3 rolls)

the BEST chee cheong fun i have tasted in Penang so far!

usually, chee cheong fun is served with 2 types of sauces, shrimp paste and chilli sauce. but this, one extra secret paste is added, peanut butter! yesh you read it right, peanut butter, genius eh? all 3 sauces blended so well together, smooth and fragrant!

this is a must-order for us, whenever we pop by Genting Cafe for lunchy!


Genting Cafe
Lorong Delima 3,
Island Glades, Penang

business hours:
0700 – 1900


14 thoughts on “{Penang} Chee Cheong Fun @ Genting Cafe, Island Glades

    1. penang doesn’t really have any decent dimsum 🙁

      KL’s chee cheong fun usually with curry or those brown sauce one…

    1. certainly not! don’t think he needs this kinda meagre pocket money le :/

      did you try any chee cheong fun when you were here few weeks back?

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