Belated Thanksgiving

bestie’s dad went away peacefully the past weekend.

it caught all of us completely off guard. and i guess this is life, always full of uncertainty and surprise.

honestly, i meet uncle more often than my own biological uncles, so it really hit me this time :(.

uncle’s such a friendly and lovely folk who always bring us around for meals. although most of the time i shamelessly tagged myself along. uncle’s really good at finding good/nice food like this lok-lok! uncle’s also one who would travel 3286432896 miles away just to have a nice wantan mee which made us all went =_________=.

the ear-to-ear smile and botak head were uncle’s signature features. every time when ordering food, we would point at uncle and say,” botak head there”. sorry uncle, we used your botak head :/

uncle, may you rest in peace and you will always be remembered for sure.

if you see my gugu and yeye up there, do befriend them okie! cos they’re equally lovely person too! and tell them i miss them!


*since AntzWorLd is my (virtual) diary, i thought it’s okay to sometime chip in some personal posts. i promise i won’t do this often because i prefer to keep something intimate, personal.


4 thoughts on “Belated Thanksgiving

  1. Of course, it’s your blog. Who’s to say what you can or cannot post???

    Deepest condolence to your bestie, may the late dad rest in peace.

    Yes, death will come like a thief in the night when you least expect it so we must live our lives the best we can and don;t let any day pass by…wasted! Make it happen!
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  2. This hits me too =( , although i m nt very close with uncle (perhaps saw him less than a hand could count..), really sad. But really have to cherish what we have right now, spend more time with our family, life is really TOO fragile and unpredictable.

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