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{Beauty} Skin79 Complete CC Cream Control

this Skin79 CC Cream was sent to me for review purpose by HiShop in mid October, which i only retrieved after i got back from Shanghai. and November is all about packing my belongings into carton and at the same time, busy throwing/giving away stuffs i no longer needed. moving is such a chore i tell you. and i was amazed at my ability to collect all kinds of shit over the past years wtf. and then settling down in Malacca (yes i now based in this quaint historical city) took some time too (excuse me, i was away from home for more than 7 years ar, need time to re-accommodate myself okie :P). and then i sold my lens, both 50mm and kit lens and acquired a new nifty thirty-five mm :D. because my wrist has been acting up recent months and i couldn’t handle heavy kit lens anymore, and 50 mm is too narrow for events, not that 35mm is super wide, but wide enough la, for now. it’s the only lens i can afford now >.< this set of photos were the first few taken with my new lens!

okay defense over,

let’s move on to the review, shall we?

Skin79 Complete CC Cream Control (35 ml) | RM 99

i myself have been using CC Cream ever since i discovered the joy of it many months ago!

what’s the difference between BB cream and CC cream?

basically, BB cream, short for Blemish Balm cream is a makeup products with skincare benefit, it usually has better coverage, so it works as a foundation whilst CC cream (Colour Control) is skincare with cosmetic benefits! the coverage is usually sheer. however, CC cream’s primary purpose is to correct skin tone. if you’re having problem with redness, dark spots, dullness, you might wanna try CC cream out!

this Skin79 CC Cream doesn’t come cheap, so to make sure what you get is a genuine product,

go to this website

key in the 16-digit verification code and click ‘Check’! easy peasy.

verification pass means you get  a original product. yay!

i have this habit of not reading the directions properly :/. i assume it works like my previous CC cream, and i straightaway applied it on face as it is and headed out. i was wondering how come the coverage is so light. only knew that it’s more like a tinted moisturizer, or a makeup base. or you can mix it with your BB cream.

i love that it comes in a pump tube, dispenses the cream accurately, hygienically. i always squeeze out more than i need from the usual tube form. with this, it gives the right amount for one application!

the cream smells like moisturiser and it feels like one too! even slightly lighter than day moisturizer.

there’s two type of CC Cream that Skin79 offers: CC Cream Control & CC Cream Correct. the former evens out complexion whereas the latter works more like a brightener.

what i got is CC Cream Control because it suits my needs more. whitening. anything with this word on it and i’m sold. it promises to brighten up dull complexion as it contains camu-camu extracts which has extraordinarily high in vitamin C! other than that, it smooths out uneven skin texture and nourishes the skin.

in short, CC Cream Control is suitable for:

  • natural coverage
  • dull and uneven skin
  • enlarged pore skin
  • sagging skin
  • dry and wrinkled skin
  • stressed skin

see, the result is pretty apparent, half of my back palm with Skin79 CC Cream appears fairer.

i have no idea why my veins are protruding like this :/ and excuse my bad manicure.

Skin79 CC Cream is the latest addition into my daily makeup regime, as a makeup base which i pair with Farmasi CC Cream. both available on HiShop!

this is me with just the above two products, without concealer/blusher (arghhh dark circles!!). but with eyeliner and lipstick 😛 saw my pink spaghetti strap? i was in my pjs ehehehehehe i love wearing pjs during the day, to mami’s dismal 😛

you can get this Skin79 CC Cream at HiShop! they are currently having 25% discount for CC Creams, now priced at RM 74.25 only! go get it quick! 😉

thanks for reading! have a good day night!

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    1. hallo Melissa the preggo ehehehehehe

      yea, but now i have switch toward cc cream cos i find bb cream is a little thick for my liking.. hey already got DD cream le, but it’s more for the body, instead of face.. 😉

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