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{Beauty} SHISEIDO The Skincare Review

BlabberBee is back blabbering on another brand after a month long MIA. My apologies to Ant and her dear readers. Been busy adapting to a Siu Lai Lai life after 2 years of research madness (someone’s sai meng pfft!)! Oops. The Ant is still undergoing it (>.<). Too bad. =P Will try to update you guys more often on skincare, cosmetics and bodycare! =D

The much awaited product for today’s review is… SHISEIDO The Skincare range! I am new to this brand as it is quite pricey compared to other counter brands like Clinique, Biotherm and Laneige. I’ve only heard how good it was from my husband’s cousin from Brisbane. She is an avid user of this range and her skin is very fair and smooth *drooling with jealousy*. I was unsure whether it was the weather in Brisbane or it was really the product so I never really wanted to try it out. It was 3 or 4 years back.

And then in November last year, I was in the hair salon getting my hair ready for my wedding when the hair stylist’s fair and smooth face struck me with envy. Ya. Im envious of every baby skinned lady that caught my attention. Guilty and proud. =P And so I asked her what brand of skincare she’s using and she replied, “Owh. I’m using SHISEIDO The Skincare and it’s the best!”. Ok. As a normal person, when 2 fair and smooth skinned ladies told you the same solution to a lifetime of SKII-lookalike face, you would die to have the exact same face! So being a vain pot myself, I practically cried and jumped with joy when I came across SHISEIDO The Skincare Moisturizing 123 Kit in the airport! I bought it without much thought and used it during my honeymoon.





This range is said to bring you all the aspects of beautiful skin: moisture, smoothness and refined texture.


1) SHISEIDO The Skincare Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam, 75 ml


SHISEIDO claims:

A creamy rich-lathering cleanser that lifts away makeup and impurities while leaving skin smooth, balanced, and ready for further treatment.

My claim:

This is one of the very few cleansers that you seriously cannot use more than a pea-sized dollop. A little goes a very long way. The texture is thick and it lathers well and it spreads well across your face. It rinses off completely and doesn’t leave a feeling of “slippery (?)” like you haven’t rinsed off properly. I hate that feeling cause then I would have to rinse a few more times. =.=

This foamy cleanser leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized after patting dry. My skin doesn’t feel pulled or dry. Recommended for dry skin, normal skin and combination skin. Also recommended for those looking for value-for-your-money deals. I think this cleanser can last you for 6 months or more.


2) SHISEIDO The Skincare Hydro-Nourishing Softener, 100ml


SHISEIDO claims:

A dual-action hydrating and exfoliating lotion that transforms the skin’s texture in an instant. Improves clarity, radiance, and moisture retention.

My claim:

The texture of this toner is quite thick for my liking. Maybe cause I’m used to using toners that leave a refreshing and light feeling instead of a watery jelly feeling on my skin. Patting of the product accelerates and increases product absorption as it’s kinda like a lotion. Though it feels thick on my skin, it absorbs quickly and my skin is pretty smooth after that. I don’t really fancy this product as I prefer toners with lighter liquefied texture that’s leaves a cooling sensation. I am now using it for my neck only. Recommended for dry skin, normal skin and combination skin.


3) SHISEIDO The Skincare Day Moisture Protection SPF 15, 30ml


SHISEIDO claims:

A daytime moisturizer specially formulated to provide optimal hydration and balance in skin while protecting against UVB rays and the damaging effects of other environmental factors. For normal and combination skin.

My claim:

As you might have known, I have oily skin and this moisturizer doesn’t suit me one bit. It felt greasy and thick and it made my face looks oily and shiny right after application. I dislike the sticky feeling as well. Now I use it with the toner on my neck only. No wastage for me. =P Another disadvantage is that it has only SPF 15 protection. Not enough for me as I prefer higher SPF. Recommended for dry skin and normal skin.


Overall claim:

I think the packaging is clean and simple. Not really attractive but simplicity is sometimes the ultimate sophistication so it depends on the customers’ preferences. In normal size, the products are quite pricey for fewer amounts of products compared to other counter brands. Would I repurchase? No. Out of greed I bought 2 starter kits and now I’m trying to sell the second one off as this range doesn’t suit my skin type. I think SHISEIDO Pureness range would suit me better as it’s for oily skin. The Ant even recommended this line for moisturizer so let’s see if I would get one for review. =P


Price for this starter kit is RM151.

If anyone is interested, I still have a brand new one unopened. =P


BlabberBee buzzing off!


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