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{Beauty} Nail It with bloop!

hallo Anteaders! the ant is back with beauty review ( i know it has been ages >.<)! this time it’s nail strip!

January 21st, 2014 [Tuesday]

i was sent a parcel of bloop’s nail product via HiShop recently. it arrived coincidentally at my school office when i was in Penang! phew!

this ain’t my first encounter with nail strip. i had them on last year CNY because it’s so hard to book a manicure session last minutely, so i decided to do it myself. but then the quality was inferior it barely lasted two days before it started to fall apart T_T.

actually i didn’t quite likey what i received. this nail strip of color-blocking wave pattern topped with glitter, i thought’s it’s too ah lian aunty for me >.< though green color is supposed to ong me this horse year. i still tried it on anyway.

every nail strip comes with a nail file, which you’ll need it later.

bloop nail it strip | RM 38 ( 3 packs)

okay la. it looks quite nice close up.

let me show you how to nail it with bloop 😉

1. start off by applying base coat on your nails. you may apply nail polish if your strip is transparent.

2. choose the best strip for each nails.

3. remove the transparent protective layer.

4. align and place the strip on to nail. do note that the rounded end should be facing cuticle. (should the strip is slightly over-sized for your nail, use a scissors to trim the edges off to fit your nail shape).

5. rub strip over nail starting from center working it outward to the side.

7. press the excess nail strip across the edges of the finger nail.

8. use the nail file provided, file off the excess strip in a downward motion. NOT up down up down ar, as it might weaken the strip.

9. rub striped nail again to remove any bubbles.

10. apply a layer of top coat and VOILA!

easy peasy. the whole process took less than 15 minutes plus photographing 😉

and the best thing, there’s no downtime cos no need to wait for it to dry, you can straightaway resume whatever you were doing. like spring cleaning (wahhh so last minute).

this bloop nail it strip is thin (so that the nails can breaaathe!) yet tough. it stayed on for a week le!

okay now that i look at it, i find that they are quite nice ar! not ah lian at all! 😀

see, never try never know.

okay nails done.

next, should i cut my fringe or not 😀 (damn last minute ini ant tsk tsk tsk).

**get RM 20 rebate off your total purchase by keying in BLOOPNAILS discount code upon check out your shopping cart! minimum purchase of RM 99 is required. promotion valid till March 31st, 2004.

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Happy Chinese New Year Anteaders!

hope this neighhh year brings you loads of prosperity and good health! 马年行大运!just in case, i might be busy mahjong-ing and forgot to wish you all 😛




11 thoughts on “{Beauty} Nail It with bloop!

    1. hallo Tania the bunny!

      the application IS easy! and if you buy better quality one, they really adhere to your nails nicely! and best part is, don’t have to wait for it to dry 😀

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