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{Beauty} LANEIGE Makeup Primer Sebum Control & Satin Finish Loose Powder

yes BlabberBee is FINALLY back in action with new beauty review! the reason of her absence is, ahem, she’s upgraded to a preggo! with a baby boy <3! yesh i am super HAPPY & EXCITED for her and i can’t wait to meet my godson in a few months time! weeee.. sorry i digress.

if you haven’t already know, BlabberBee is a guest beauty blogger on AntzWorLd! everything posted below is credited to her, both words and photos, and i’ll do the proofreading and photo editing and posting (because this is my forte). since she’s the user of the product, i’ll let her reply those comments regarding on the products! and those wordings in grey italic is by me, the ant. thank you for reading! have a great weekend!


Hello Anteaders!

I know I have been missing for the LONGEST time. I had too many things to settle in my life and plus I had no particular purchases that are interesting to talk about since my skin turned for the worst. But since my pregnancy (Ahem..I love them hormones for once), my skin has turned for the FINALLY. So I was able to like search for my cosmetics and skincare that I have left neglected for months. Poor things. I also bought a few new ones to try out. HAHAHAHA!

So, the few products that I would like to talk about are from Laneige. I bought them a few months back and I felt bad for not talking about them though I have finished one. =P

They are Makeup Primer Sebum Control, Satin Finish Loose Powder, Water Sleeping Pack_EX and Water Bank Eye Gel Cream. I will review them in two parts as I don’t want to overcrowd one post. =)


1) Laneige Makeup Primer Sebum Control, 50ml | RM 95

LANEIGE Makeup Primer Sebum Control
LANEIGE Makeup Primer Sebum Control

Laneige claims:

Oil-free primer that corrects skin tone and maintains makeup with sleek finish.

Seaweed extracts controls the sebum secretion to give the matte and fresh skin all day long. Its fixing gel fills up the skin creases to finally create the sleek and even skin texture. Like a silk film on the skin, keeping the neat makeup stay longer. Suitable to use when you want to boost the lasting power of makeup applied on the T-zone that is prone to be shiny, and create the sleek skin tone by covering the skin flaws.

My claim:

I used it with my BB Cushion as my skin was pretty oily back then. Now I stopped using it cause hormones made my skin a bit dry nowadays. Lol. But it is a very good product to smooth over the pores of my face, mattifying it and creating a base for the BB cream or foundation.

LANEIGE Makeup Primer Sebum Control

The gel like consistency wasn’t sticky at all and it glides smoothly onto my skin, into every line and pore that age has bestowed upon me with. It did not cover my pores but it did help my BB cream or foundation to be applied smoothly and effortlessly.

It is housed in a white plastic tube with a narrow opening to ensure no wastage of product. You don’t really need a lot of it as a little goes a long way. Too much and you’ll be pushing your makeup away. My oil was kept at bay throughout the day though it was still noticeable. But a little oil makes you look natural la at the end of the day. If too matte it would be too obvious that you have makeup on. =P

It smelled nice too and if you’re a person who is into scented products, you’ll love the fruity smell.

Overall, I would repurchase it if my skin remains oily after my delivery as it is a really good primer that delivers smooth and oil-free skin with makeup. A tube can last you a long time as you only need a small dollop for your whole face. In fact, if you have combination skin, you just need to apply on your T-zone and cheeks just to keep those areas matte throughout the day.


2) Laneige Satin Finish Loose Powder (Violet), 20g | RM 120

LANEIGE Satin Finish Loose Powder

LANEIGE Satin Finish Loose Powder

LANEIGE Satin Finish Loose Powder

Laneige claims:

Ultra-fine powder particles giving the silky skin touch.

Silky touch brought by particle control. Size of the powder particles controlled through the Zet Milling Process gives the application feeling as if silk is softly landed on the skin.

2-step wrinkle cover function. The silky powder with the fine particles in the first step covers the fine wrinkles and the wide plate shape of powder in the second step covers the skin smoothly and perfectly to cover the wrinkles.

My claim:

I love Laneige cosmetics. Like seriously. As usual, they are very consistent with the packaging, eg: snowflake and the lovely aurorae-like covers or lids. Oh and not to mention the smell. Simply refreshing, sweet and lovely. You simply cannot not smile when you unbox your items and try out the products. =D

The powder puff is so soft and fluffy on your face that you would skip brushes if you could. It helps the powder to set perfectly on your skin so indeed a brush is not needed unless you prefer to pat the powder onto certain areas of your face.

LANEIGE Satin Finish Loose Powder

The powder is very fine and it feels so light-weight on your skin. It doesn’t cake your makeup and it can be applied just by itself if you want a sheer coverage (or if you have really good skin) or you can just apply it after BB cream or foundation. Works well with anything.

LANEIGE Satin Finish Loose Powder

LANEIGE Satin Finish Loose Powder

The only downside of the product is the size. It is pretty bulky. But if you don’t intend to bring it out for touch-ups, it is perfectly fine as it is. It also comes with a compact mirror lid so if you don’t mind the size, it is actually good for touch ups outside where there is no mirror available. Either you use it at home or get a bigger bag cause it is really, really good. =P

Would I repurchase it? I am getting my second one when there is Aeon voucher day. =P



That’s all for Part I of Laneige products! Part II will be on skincare!

BlabberBee buzzing off to find food! I mean..HONEY!


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