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{Beauty} Facial Scrubs Review

Just came back from my trip to Langkawi. One thing I learnt from post-trips. Your face tends to break out! It always starts with dull skin then you will notice the appearance of blackheads that eventually turn to pimples! Oh no! Ya. Life sucks that way. You enjoy and then suffer. It’s either the Monday blues or you wake up to new bumps on your face. =(

Dull skin happens when you have layers and layers of dead skin cells accumulating on the skin surface. You will lose the healthy radiant glow and clogged pores will cause blackheads and pimples.

I may not have the solution here but I know what helps. Exfoliation! =D Why so you might ask. Well, exfoliation is the removal of the dead skin cells on your skin’s outermost surface (epidermis) to help maintain skin to reveal the newer skin beneath. Pores will be unclogged too thus keeping the skin clean from blackheads and pimples.

There are many things to consider when you want to purchase facial scrubs or exfoliators like bead size, function and fragrance. Some have very small beads whereas others have huge beads. Some function in preventing blackheads and pimples while others have moisturizing and whitening effects. Some smell fresh and fruity whereas others smell too sweet or fragrance-free. In my personal experience, I have tried four different brands of scrubs with different bead sizes and different functions. Let’s start the reviews now! =D


1) Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula, 100ml


So sorry for the lack of photo to show you guys as I threw away the tube after finishing it (i managed to rip one off from google image). But it’s a super famous scrub from Clinique so you can definitely find it anywhere at Clinique counters. It comes in a green tube just so you know.

Clinique claims:

Nudges away roughness, flakiness to refine skin. Helps lessen the appearance of fine lines. Clears the way for moisture. Suitable for all skin types.

My claim:

Just go to your nearest Clinique counter and get one (i am using this as well)! Retail price at RM98 if I’m not mistaken. Pricey yeah but it’s so good! And though it says 7 day scrub, you don’t really need to scrub everyday as once or twice a week is enough to remove dead skin cells and maintain your radiance. But if you want to scrub everyday, go ahead! It is mild and gentle enough for you to do so but yet strong enough to leave a beautiful, polished finish.

I have personally tried scrubbing everyday for a few weeks and it did not harm my face in anyways. No red blotches etc. The beads or grains are very fine but yet you can still feel them. The beads are very compact hence your product is very worthy. My skin does not feel dry or irritated after each use. And my face does appear brighter and more radiant. =D I do suggest to wet your face before application as the direction says to use on dry face (If I’m not mistaken =P). It doesn’t spread nicely on a dry face but on a wet face, it spreads wonderfully well. It is also fragrance-free like all Clinique products so you wont have any chemicals irritating your olfactory cells.


2) St. Ives Apricot Scrub Blemish & Blackhead Control, 170g

facial scrub 1facial scrub 2

St. Ives claim:

Exfoliates to prevent blemishes & clean pores.

Oil-free – 2% salicylic acid • dermatologist-tested • 100% natural exfoliants • 100% natural extracts

My claim:

This used to be my all-time favourite scrub as I love the feel of the beads. The presence of huge beads made me feel like I am seriously scrubbing off those stubborn dead skin cells. All this changed after my beautician told me I have sensitive skin as well. Only some parts of my face and this scrub is too harsh for me as it kinda scratches my skin in a harming way. =(

facial scrub 3

As you can see, the beads are very obvious and they really do a great job in removing dead skin cells if you have normal skin or if you are a guy cause male skin is thicker than female’s. Sensitive skinned people are not advised to use this product. You are left with a very clean face and the smell of apricot is refreshing enough to leave a smile on your face after each use. =D Salicylic acid is commonly used for anti-acne treatments thus this product does help in preventing blemishes. No dry after feel and the price is reasonable as well for a big tube. With promotions from Watson’s and Guardian, you may get it for RM17+. Do apply on a wet face as well.


3) Clinelle Skin Smoothing Scrub, 50ml

facial scrub 4

Clinelle claims:

A unique scrub with dual exfoliation functions – liquid and mechanical – to gently remove dull skin surface, while instantly leaving skin noticeably smoother and radiant. Contains exfoliating agents to assist in micro-exfoliation process, removing dead skin cells for a more radiant complexion. A combination of extracts and vitamins provide soothing properties, while maintaining skin’s elasticity and texture to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

6 Secrets to Happy Skin:

No artificial colouring and fragrance, no comedogenic ingredients, lanolin, mineral oil and SD-alcohol.

My claim:

I was recommended to try this by The Ant herself as she found this to be working for her. Haha. I think it’s an OK scrub that is more suitable for sensitive skinned people as it is a gentle scrub (yeah me no likey rough scrub. it’s delicate skin not kuali!). Like what Clinelle claimed, it is fragrance-free and it comes in a natural light brownish color.

facial scrub 5

From the picture, you can see that there are dark brownish particles for exfoliation. This product in my opinion serves more on the ingredients for a healthier glowing skin more than for the sole purpose of exfoliation. Why? Cause the gel is so much more than the particles and when you apply them onto your skin, you only feel a bit of the exfoliation going on. I prefer the feeling of successfully scrubbing off the dead cells and not wondering whether they are still there or not. I guess I love to physically abuse my face. HAHA. But skin is smoother after each application so I’m still ok with it and will finish it off.


4) The Face Shop Peeling Day Water in Pomegranate, 120ml

facial scrub 6

The Face Shop claims:

The Face Shop Smart Peeling Water in Pomegranate is blended with pomegranate extract, gently removing old skin cells and impurities that hide deep inside pores to enhance better absorption and penetration of nourishment provides by your skin care. It dissolves damages caused by free radicals with anti-oxidant properties. Your blood circulation will be improved from the circular massage while using the peel; your skin will brighten up with a healthy natural glow with improved elasticity and suppleness.

My claim:

The last product for review. Phew. Ok let’s start. This product for me is very gentle and more suitable for sensitive skinned people cause it is non-abrasive. It was recommended to me by my cousin. I prefer this one to White Jewel (Whitening) or Honey Black Sugar. I didn’t really want a whitening scrub so I forgo the White Jewel whereas Honey Black Sugar was dismissed solely on the smell. It was so freaking sweet! I couldn’t handle it. Haha. Water in Pomegranate is more for hydration and it suits me better.

facial scrub 7

facial scrub 8

facial scrub 9

You massage the product on your dry face and slowly you can see the gel turning into little residues where your impurities or dead skin cells will be. The red particles will disappear after massage. Your skin is left feeling smooth, hydrated and bright. Though very gentle, it serves its purpose very well. It is recommended if you prefer beadless scrubs. Hydration is very much felt and I am pleased with the results. But because I am into self-mutilation, I do prefer scrubs with beads. In Layman terms, this is too “girly” for my “manliness”. HAHA!


Overall claim:

I think most scrubs come in clean and simple tube packaging for easy squeezing of product. Nothing special. I would repurchase the scrub from Clinique though once I finished the other 3. All in all, whatever suits you will always leave a lasting impression. Get one that works well for you and let’s bid dull skin and blackheads goodbye and welcome brighter and glowing skin! =D


1) Some advice to exfoliate after cleansing the skin but I tend to exfoliate before so whatever’s left on my face will be washed cleanly off afterwards. =P It depends on your preference so no worries.

2) Too much exfoliation is bad for the skin as it dries and irritates the skin. It is especially so if you have sensitive skin. Do not try scrubs with very harsh or huge beads as they tend to thin your skin and cause redness. You will then have red blotches on your face and it’s not very appealing. Some might lead to itchiness and irritations so do be careful when choosing scrubs. Do ask around before you purchase as not to waste money. =D

BlabberBee buzzing off!


if you haven’t already know, BlabberBee is a guest beauty blogger on AntzWorLd! everything posted above ↑ is credited to her, both the words and photos, and i’ll do the proofreading and photo editing and posting (because this is my forte). since she’s the user of the product, i’ll let her reply those comments regarding on the products! and those wordings in grey italic is by me, the ant. thank you for reading!


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    1. Yesh! I used to like it very much too! I think I’ve used 3-4 tubes already the past few years. =P It is a very economical scrub as it is reasonably priced with 120g. One tube lasts a long time. =D Plus you are 100% sure your face has been scrubbed well as you can feel the beads on every part of your face. You can never go wrong with this scrub. Haha. =P And yup, I normally apply mask after scrubbing so everything can be absorbed well into our skin. Oops. Forgot to add that in. Sorry Ant! =P

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