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{Beauty} Cefenere Acne Formulation & Fair Passion

i was sent a trial set of Cefenere skincare last month. and before that, i did tell Rosalind from Cefenere my concern, i have irregular breakouts during that time of the month and i want to be fairer! hence i was given Acne Formulation & Fair-Passion.

Cefenere promises total skin makeover in JUST 7 days. to be honest, i was skeptical about it. how can so fast one right?

Acne Formulation

Acne Formulation set | RM 299

this Acne Formulation set consists of consists of Impurity Milk Cleanser and Cream Contour.

Impurity Milk Cleanser dissolves dirt and impurities effectively and soothes inflamed and skin irritation while Cream contour is an acne solution to treat acne and breakouts which regulates sebum secretion and provides tremendous result in pore refining.

Cefenere uses plant-based ingredients in this Acne Formulation, like lavender, Angelica sinesis (dong guai), Coptis root, honeysuckle, royal jelly and orchid flower!

i thought they resemble Dermadex in term of smell and texture. however, i love the cooling sensation after washing my face with the milk cleanser. if i have makeup on, i would remove them with a proper makeup cleanser first as i don’t think the milk cleanser is efficient in doing so. and then i’ll dab the Cream Contour on the zits area. and the zits usually dry up overnight, berry effectively i must say! i do have zits popping up on my forehead and cheeks area occasionally *wails* due to stress and PMS and fornoreason wtf.

when i don’t have zits on my face, i switch to Fair-Passion!


Fair-Passion (Essential Collection) | RM 238

Fair-Passion Essential Collection comes with E-Sense Serum, Ultralizing Cream and Clarifying Sunshield.

in order to provide an anti-pigment solution to everyone, we have opted for the latest PHA Technology which has proven to reduce pigmentation for a fair and brighter skin. Fair-Passion not only cures, but prevents the forming of melanin which is the main cause of pigmentation for a flawless and fairer complexion. 

in the morning, after washing-toning, i’ll apply few drops of E-Sense Serum on, followed by my own moisturizer and then Clarifying Sunshield before heading out.

and before bed, i’ll have E-Sense Serum on and then Ultralizing Cream.

  • E-Sense Serum is one of the key elements in treating pigmentation which restores glow for a fairer appearance.
  • Ultralizing Cream contains anti-pigmentation elements, resulting in a flawless and brighter skin as well as sloughs off dead skin cells and reduces wrinkles.
  • Clarifying Sunshield plays active role in diminishing pigmentation while providing protection against UV rays for a fairer skin.

this is how each cream look like.

Ultralizing Cream is berry thick in texture so it’s meant to be applied immediately after E-Sense Serum. and this serum has a warm sensation upon application which i like to think that it’s activated and being adsorbed by my skin!

and Clarifying Sunshiled is one of the best sunblock i have tried. i love its texture – not too runny, i also like how my skin look after application! my face appears fairer and more radiant. which somehow makes my skin smoother too!

a quick selfie before heading to lab

this is how my morning face looks like with just E-Esense Serum & Clarifying Sunshield on. the sunblock glides on easily and it doesn’t leave any yucky sticky feel on my skin.

you know the products are working well when your friends who see you everyday notice the difference and came up to you and asked “eh why your face today seems fairer and smoother geh!” and it’s only my second day of trying Cefenere Fair-Passion range! 😀

overall, i’m satisfied with Cefenere Acne Formulation and Fair-Passion range! they show quick apparent result, living up their slogan – total skin makeover in just 7 days (or lesser)! Clarifying Sunshield is the best product among all!

visit Cefenere’s website to learn more about their products! and like Cefenere’s Facebook page to keep yourself updated with their promotion and new products! 🙂

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