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{Beauty} How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

if you haven’t already know, BlabberBee is a guest beauty blogger on AntzWorLd! everything posted below is credited to her, both words and photos, and i’ll do the proofreading and photo editing and posting (because this is my forte). since she’s the user of the product, i’ll let her reply those comments regarding on the products! and those wordings in grey italic is by me, the ant. thank you for reading! have a great weekend!

July 19th, 2013 [Friday]

How many of you use your fingers to put on foundation, concealor or eyeshadow (ME ME ME)? Well, you aren’t the only one. I was once a finger-person too till I tried brushes! And seriously, brushes give you a better finish compared to your loyal fingers. You may think that using your fingers may save a few extra seconds but if you have a good brush, you may just finish within the same timeframe. Do give it a try! 😀

If you are already a brush-user, then this post is for you! One very important thing about brushes is how to clean them properly and how often should you do so. I’m here to recommend certain products that are already in the market as well as DIY and ways to clean them, if you haven’t already know. 😛

There are a few brush cleansers in the market but I have only tried two so far. One from Elianto and the other is from Cyber Colors from Sasa. Nothing much to comment as their purpose is to clean and condition the brushes. Both products do provide thorough cleansing and the bristles are soft after each wash. You may use baby shampoos as well but I don’t really recommend so as they may be too mild for thorough cleansing. You can find brush cleansers in Etude House or TheFaceShop too. Just ask around and compare the prices before each purchase as you don’t really need an expensive one to do the job. Heck, if you’re free, you may even DIY to achieve the same results! 😀

I will proceed with the cleaning steps using Cyber Colors Brush Cleanser which I got for RM26.90 during a promotion. Original price is RM36.90.

What’s good about this brush cleanser is that it comes with a small cup for your convenience. But if you want to DIY or you have bought one without a cup, fret not!

Just get a small bowl and label it so you won’t use it for food (hygiene purposes). 😛

The ingredients.


Ok let’s start!

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

1. Get your dirty brushes ready.

2. Pour the cleanser into the cup.

Make sure the level is half of your brush as we do not want to get any liquid on the handle or the ferrule of the brush (the ferrule is the part that holds the brush fibres to the handle) as this will damage the brush fibres and make your brush moult or cause the glue to become “unsticky” like the picture below ↓.

3. Ok. Now swirl the brush in the cleanser. The cleanser will eventually turn into this ↓:

4. Repeat with the other brushes.

Amount of cleanser is dependent on the size of brush. Bigger ones need more cleanser as the bristles soak up more liquid. That’s why don’t buy expensive ones. You will feel the ache when it finishes within a month or so if you have many brushes. 😛

5. Then proceed with washing under running water.

6. After washing, dry the brushes with kitchen towel and reshape the bristles.

7. Tadaa!

Look at the clean brushes! 😀 They shine like diamonds. LOL! DO NOT position the brushes like this. This picture is just to show the clean and shiny bristles.

This is the correct way to leave the brushes to dry under the sun as we do not want the water to settle into the glue at the ferrule.

We must love our brushes as much as we love our faces because a clean brush prevents bacteria and dirt that cause spots or clogged pores that lead to blackheads or pimples. Cleaning after every usage is best but if you don’t have the time to do so, do make an effort to clean them at least once a week. Please! Maximum is once every fortnight but it is seriously not recommendable as dirt and bacteria may have already built up in the bristles.

Guess that’s all for today! Hope I have enlightened you guys a bit. HAHAHA! XD


Additional info:

DIY Brush Cleanser

You only need dish washing soap and extra virgin olive oil. Voila! Your very own brush cleanser! Just pour both in the ratio of 1:1 or 2:1 of dish washing soap to olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil just serves to recondition the brushes after cleansing with the dish washing soap. Then just follow the above steps to clean your brushes! 😀

BlabberBee buzzing off!


20 thoughts on “{Beauty} How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

  1. That small amount of cleanser you poured in the cup…can use to clean all the brushes above? Or I need to pour away and change a new cleanser for each brush?

    1. Hi dear,
      Brush cleansers normally work well with foundations and gel liners etc because they serve to clean the brushes and at the same time keep the bristles soft for next application. They are like our makeup removers but aren’t as mild as we do not apply them directly on our skin. During cleaning (after you have swirled a few times in cleanser) you may check the inner layers of your bristles to ensure every part (outer and inner) of your brush head is clean from foundation or BB cream or gel liners. It worked well for my foundation brush. =D
      Your second question is a good one. Hahaha. Because all my brushes are made of synthetic hairs, I do not encounter the problem of drying the natural hair brushes (Natural hair brushes are like our hair. They may not be able to withstand the chemicals of the cleanser and with time they might become dry and brittle). So what I can recommend (if you’re using natural hair brushes) is that you can use baby shampoo or facial cleansers as they are mild enough for the hairs. =D

      1. Ok, thank you so much! At the moment the most effective brush cleanser i use if the Daiso Sponge Detergent, but only for synthetic brushes n sponges. For my natural hair brushes, i use the Dove original soap bar ^^

  2. I always clean my brushes everyday with isopropyl alcohol
    Then spray them with some fragrance that don’t irritate the skin
    The result is good smelling brushes!

  3. Thank you for sharing and the tips!
    I normally use the body shampoo to clean but it seems will spoil the brush. I’m gonna try this brush cleanser!
    BTW, how long you clean your brushes?

  4. 我之前也用Brush Cleanser,后来洗得太频密,刷子数量也不少,转用了洗发精和护发素,发现原来一样work,而且刷毛加上护发素居然比较软,呵呵!!

  5. i clean my brush like every 4 week to 6week..and i love using brush to do my makeup except foundation…not sure if the brush i used is not good or what but the brush will leave lines on my face…so i prefer using my finger for liquid foundation and BB application!!!!!!!

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