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{Beauty} 100% Natural Lip Balms by Witchery Bath & Body

my friend, Jerine recently started her own natural artisan skincare line- Witchery Bath & Body. And the first few products launched are lip balms in yummy nutella and original flavour.

Witchery Lip Balm
left: Nut Over Nutella Lip Balm | RM 10; right: Back-to-Basic Lip Balm | RM10

and me being a supportive pang yao (friend in cantonese) immediately ordered one of each ( Nut Over Nutella Lip Balm & Back-to-Basic Lip Balm) but she’s kind enough to send me three! <3 she probably knew my birthday‘s approaching!

Witchery Lip Balm

on the first look, the lip balms are packaged in stick shape, which i find is better than pot because 1. it’s easier to apply on 2. it’s more hygienic 3. it fits in my lipstick pouch.

and since it’s a DIY, the label is straight to the point showcasing only the brand and product name.

Witchery Lip Balm

Witchery Lip Balm

onto the product, i LOVE the scent! well who doesn’t love Nutella huh? however i am inclined to the Back-to-Basic more, i love the faint whiff of the coconut oil!

Witchery Bath & Body is pretty transparent with the recipe. the main ingredients used in these lip balms are beeswax, shea butter, extra virgin coconut oil (certified organic) and vitamin E.

it’s 100% natural hand made with abundance of love! clearly you could also do it yourself but then the cost would be high so why not just pay and sit back and relax while it’s delivered to you? like i did 😉

the texture is akin to the Sebamed’s lip balm i’m currently using, slightly thicker compared to Maybelline’s. it glides on my lips smoothly (provided my lips are not chapped) and i like to prep my lips with lip balm before having makeup on so by the time i’m done with makeup, my lips are plump and i could easily slide lipstick on and off i head out to work!

there’s one glitch though, the lip balms break within. it might due to i accidentally flung them to the floor once #destroyer. i have to twist it lil’ by lil’ as they are not retractable now :/ still works perfectly fine as my favourite lip balm, nonetheless.

Witchery Lip Balm

and yes the Nut Over is sweet, couldn’t resist licking my lips and i actually feel safe doing it! the ingredients are practically edible. i have this thought of diy-ing Nutella stick, i know butter stick is in market, but what about Nutella?! money making business ni! 😛

now i have one on my office table and the other one in my handbag, to keep my lips moisturized all the time! the third one, i gave it to my colleague, good things are meant to shared innit? 😉

Witchery Lip Balm

Nut Over Nutella Lip Balm & Back-to-Basic Lip Balm are available on Witchery! grab yours now 😉


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