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{Batu Pahat} Provence Living Cafe @ Taman Setia Jaya

September 23rd, 2013 [Monday]

i tagged myself along with bffwbΒ to Muar to run some errands recently. we had some time to kill till POPChuco Art Gallery Cafe (a lovely cafe in Muar!)Β opens, so we had an impromptu super short trip to Batu Pahat! it’s around 30 mins from Muar and i was excited! it’s my first time at Batu Pahat!

my first impression on this town was, it’s not as bustling as Muar but has a larger shopping mall XD. i judge a town by its shopping mall XD.

we didn’t have anything in mind where we wanted to go, so i just Waze-d ‘Batu Pahat Cafe’ and it suggested a list of cafes nearby. we ended up at Provence Living CafeΒ as it seemed most promising. Provence is a geographical region and historical province of southeastern France (source) and i think if they dare to use French word in their name, it won’t be that bad gua..also we felt like having some cakes that afternoon!

it turned out to be NOT bad at all!

they did put in effort in decorating the cafe. nothing over the top, but it gives you a home feeling and it’s actually really comfy in there with soft tunes playing in the background. i have a similar lamp hanging in my car porch! πŸ˜€

and upon entering the cafe, the whiff of freshly-baked pastries lingers.. i used to have an affectionate relationship with pastries especially bread, but then we broke up later after knowing it’s the main cause of my burger face.. i think this is what they call love-hate relationship haih.

i love these cute little drawings on the wall!

Provence Living Cafe does serve main course like pasta, fried rice, and chicken chop. but we just wanted to have something light, so we ordered two pieces of cakes for sharing and a coffee for him and yogurt drink for myself.

Hot Caramel Cappuccino | RM 5.50

i’m not a coffee person but bffwb gave an approval nod to this beautifully crafted cuppa coffee!

Mango Yogurt | RM 6.80

while i had a refreshing beverage. i need something light to complement the cakes we’re about to have!

Lady | RM 5.50

like a lady, it’s soft and fluffy, unpredictable and make no sense LOL.

it’s made up of few layers of sponge cake and coated with cream. paiseh ar my memory fails me today, couldn’t remember which’s what :/ but i did remember it’s really soft, and not high on cream. i didn’t feel jelak at all.

Classic Cheese Cake | RM 6

their cheesecake was good as well! with a firm base of crumble and creamily soft cheese.

i love spending lazy late afternoon like this. you know, munching on delectable cake and sipping on coffee and blabbering mindlessly. sigh life’s good back home.

business was brisk that afternoon, even though it’s a Monday! it seems like a great hangout place for youngsters! cos working adult where got such luxurious time to hang out on a bloody Monday ar!

woof! bring me home :D

some cute cakes on the display!

something for durian lover!

i also bought few breads (kenot resist la) to be brought along for my tomorrow’s bus travel back to Penang. manatau i forgot wtf. left them at home πŸ™

stayed for merely an hour. and then we drove back to Muar and had our second round at POPChuco Art Gallery Cafe! haha that ends our spontaneous (super short) trip to Batu Pahat! if i were to visit Batu Pahat again, imma try this pisang goreng!

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Provence Living Cafe

20, Jalan Kundang 1,
Taman Bukit Pasir,
83000 Batu Pahat, Johor.
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