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AntzWorLd x Foodie Blogger CNY Edition on NTV7

if you follow me on Instagram (@constance.ant), you would know i was invited to film a special episode of Foodie Blogger two months back. Foodie Blogger is a Chinese foodie tv program where food bloggers recommend hidden local eat, covering all the states of Malaysia, hosted by all-rounded celebrity Earnest Chong.

Ken of (Penang) and i will be featured on this upcoming CNY episode which will be aired on the first day of CNY (Febraury 19th, 2015) at 11 am on NTV7. both of us will be introducing a chinese restaurant each, where we think is great for reunion dinner! Ken is featuring Zi Zai Restaurant’s poon choi while i plug a Melaka’s seafood restaurant!

AntzWorLd x Foodie Blogger CNY Edition on NTV7
back: Sifu Laus; front: host & moi

doesn’t this look like a family portrait? :/

so remember to stay tuned okie! and please don’t laugh at my broken Chinese (though the producer assured my Chinese ascent is pretty standard) and stupid acts (if there’s any la)!


Gong Hei Fatt Choy!

May all of us have a prosperous Goat year!

Thanks NTV7 for the opportunity and the professional production team for easing and accommodating me during filming. 


6 thoughts on “AntzWorLd x Foodie Blogger CNY Edition on NTV7

  1. I saw you on TV at grandma’s house.. and for your info, i haven’t been watching tv for ages… hahaha.. didn’t know it was you.. but I know that face is very familiar.. VERY VERY FAMILIAR LIKE I’VE SEEN HER SOMEWHERE.. then I confirmed it was you when i saw the title: Foodie Blogger. hahaha.. small world indeed.. but it was the 2nd day of CNY that i saw you on TV.. not first day.. repeat program? O.o
    ahlost recently posted..The Barber is now a Chef >.My Profile

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