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{AntzFavourites} June Edition

wow so fast half a year poof gone already. time, can you slow abit ar? :/

anyway, here’s my June’s favourites, just a quickie!

june fav

photo taken with iBaby

in no particular order:

1. LANEIGE BB Cushion – BlabberBee swears by this product and i have been itching to get one since foreber. when bestie went to Korea in May, i seized the opportunity and asked her to brought back one for me! it’s priced at about RM 100 in Korea, slightly cheaper than Malaysia’s. and after using it for a month, i have to say i really likey this product. i finally get it why eberyone raves about this BB Cushion! it’s berry hydrating and it covers up the pores so well! and on top of all that, it smells really good! i am always smiling whenever i’m patting it on my face, nice way to kick start the dreaded morning! the coverage is pretty sheer compared to other BB Creams, i just have to layer some concealer and it’s all good!

2. GoGirl! – it’s been in my bag ever since i received this female urination device. you know, just in case ;). you can read my review here!

3. L’OCCITANE Acacia Creme Mains Hand Cream – this is another staple that i keep in my go-to makeup bag! it moisturizes my hand without leaving sticky trace and the scent is oh-so-soothing. even the boys love it! 😉

4. Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliner – another new love of the month has to be this liquid eyeliner. i am truly amazed at its staying power on my oily lids! application with its super thin tip is also amazingly easy and smooth. review is here, if you miss it.

5. Sonia! – of course i have to add Sonia into June’s favourites! Sonny Angel is an angelic lil’ japanese boy who loves to flash his birdy who’s too cute to look at! you can find Sonny Angel wearing various headgear ranging from vegetables to fruits to animal to macaroon! and i particularly fancy the cheetah one (soooo me). the best part? you wouldn’t know what you’ll get until you unbox it (good business tactic huh!). and i guess the secret works great that day and i got exactly what i wanted at Cubix, 1 Utama at RM 25. oh the undies he’s wearing costs additional RM 8. follow Sonny Angel’s Facebook here.

6. Zebra Print Clutch – it’s an oversized clutch Kikilala got it for me from Korea which i used it as a background in the photo above. hehe! if you don’t know what to get for me as souvenir next time, anything with leopard/zebra print will do! *hints hints* wtf

okay that’s all for today! have a great week ahead! 🙂

July, purleeese treat me well okie!


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