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i haven’t been cooking for some time since last year because my awesome homies who can cook better than my mother (sorry Mami!) pampered us with good home-cooked meal almost every day. but they have returned to Sarawak for good early this year :(.

S & i struggled with WhereToMumTonight every night since then. us being carless means we could only commute along Jalan Sungai Dua. and there’s really not muchy eatery to explore you know. after a week, we kinda bored with eating out already. not to mention the food are mostly unhealthy, laden with MSG πŸ™ of course there’s healthy food out there, but then the price is not so healthy to our purses :/

tapao-ed this Malay chap fan at RM 5. donnowhy so expensive one πŸ™

so one fine day we told each other, we HAVE TO cook ourselves whenever we can! and now every Sunday is our grocery shopping day! despite having to wake up at 7ish (we are kiasu liddat), we actually quite look forward to that!

seeing fresh (and vibrant) vegetables & seafood makes me an happy ant (OMG what have i turned into? a homey goddess!).

we started our cooking journey with something simple – spaghetti! well done angel hair served with canned sauce with fresh prawns and calamari and mushroom, and decorated with blanched broccoli and hard-boiled egg. a pretty well-balanced meal!

okay, we only do simple dish, and if impossible, with minimumΒ pot/pan involved (reads: lesser dishes to wash :/). usually the one comes home first gets to decide what’s on the menu that night. she will take out the meat to defrost, prepare veggie/soup/rice. then the one comes home later will help to cook. and then when one’s cooking the other one will do the dishes later. that’s how thing goes for the past weeks!

Chinese style dinner.

[soup + 1 veggie/meat] OR [1 veggie + 1 meat] is what we cook most of the time. this time was ABC soup + steamed fish. the fish was steamed using rice cooker, it’s a one-stone-two-birds strategy.

commercial break awhile ar

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stir-fried bak choi + steamed Dory fish.

okay back to #AntCanCook series.

here’s another Chinese dinner.

prawn & fish sambal + steamed egg!

or was it celery sambal? there’s more celery in there than seafood :/. thanks god for pre-packed condiments! πŸ˜€

i added in diced carrot into the egg mixture before steaming it. and drizzled some fragrant onion oil on it when it’s done. but i think we left it on the rice cooker for too long resulting a rather harden version. and donnowhy the surface wasn’t smooth one.

a up-close shot of the sambal.

i didn’t technical cook this.

just wanna let you guys know that, Koko Krunch is what i snack on during tea break or supper. πŸ˜€

ba zhan soup + stir-fried veggie.

ba zhan soup is a nourishing soup that said to regulate one’s menstrual cycle. boiling ba zhan soup is a monthly ritual to me. and mami said, we are not supposed to eat cool stuff (like fruits or cold drinks) after drinking it wo.

white radish soup! with pai guat (pork ribs)!

pai guat is the main reason why we do grocery shopping in the morning as the pork cart only opens in the morning =.= so no choice la have to sacrifice our sleep for porkie. Tesco does have pork but we find that the price is pricier and not as fresh as this pork cart.

stir-fried fresh peas with minced pork and tomatoes.

prawn/lady finger sambal!

min fun gou!

yesh we made everything for scratch *pat ourselves on our backs*

it’s not that hard. ikan bilis + onions + tomatoes + prawn heads for the soup. and the flour dough consists of flour (duh!) water and egg. S fried some ikan bilis for topping too!

the whole process took about 2-3 hours as we let the soup simmered a little longer and the end result was really rewarding. the soup was soooo sweet and flavourful that we didn’t have to add in any condiment. no salt no sugar no pepper!

another ABC soup! as easy as ABC ma.

stir-fried sawi. sawi from Tesco is bitter one! popo said it’s either they were planted on the bitter gourd soil or it’s laden with pesticide. i would believe it’s the latter reason. :/

okay another pasta dish! we run out of broccoli so we used fresh bean instead. i actually snort secretly when the homie took out that veggie. where got people put fresh bean in pasta one! but i ate my words after that as the outcome was surprising good! the french bean gave the soft pasta a crunchier punch!


ok that’s all for today! thanks for reading!

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  1. That is like really awesome cooking!

    I do my own dinner a few days per week, and kinda enjoy it but waking up early to go market is one thing I fail miserably. So far I had been surviving solely on Tesco/Jusco/Sunshine Square stuff, but like u say, not that fresh. Esp seafood. So I am more like chicken and vege most of the time.

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