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{Ant Can Cook} Easy Peasy Banana Pancake!

the two-ingredients banana pancake has taken over the internet some time ago. and it took me this long to try it because 1. buying a whole bunch of banana just for it seems ridiculous (banana is not popular in our household) 2. our non-stick pan was broken. daddy replaced a new pan and a few days ago, Aunty D brought a small bunch of banana over when she’s visiting mami! yay! no reason for being lazy anymore.

basically it’s a no-brainer recipe with just two ingredients – banana and egg. that’s all!

1. i started with a banana + an egg, whisked them together (you could mash the banana and whisk the egg separately). i didn’t likey the consistency, it’s too liquidy for me to handle, so i added another banana in it.

2. when the batter is done, heat the pan with butter. then add in a small scoop of batter. i keep the cooking on low heat.

3. now here comes the tricky part, when the pancake side facing down has already turned brown, flip it slowly. my first attempt was #facepalm, the pancake tore apart when i flipped it over. keep the pancake small so that it’s easier to keep it intact during flip-over.

4. okay when the other side has charred to your desired degree, it’s ready to be served!


this recipe of two bananas and an egg yields about five small pancakes. decorate it whichever way you likey. i had it with homegrown mango and some honey!

verdict: the texture is in between of a crepe and a pancake, it’s soft and chewy. in retrospect, it’s more like a banana omelette?!


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