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{Ant Can Cook} Sarawak Laksa ala freestyle

hohoho Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to Anteaders who’s celebrating it! and maaf zahir dan batin if i ever hurt your feeling!

how’s your holiday? i had a great bonding time with family and family friends who visited Malacca during the long weekend! also, i whipped up Sarawak Laksa for lunchy ALLLL by myself on Sunday noon! *flexes muscle*

the idea of cooking Sarawak Laksa for my family has been seeded for a long while, but didn’t get to execute cos mami said meehoon is not enough for the boys (dad & bro). and also, when bro is homed, daddy is not (both works outstation). the timing is always not right.

last week when we were spring cleaning the fridge, i found out that the Sarawak Laksa pastes is expiring in 2 months time! so i decided that yesterday was the perfect timing even though bro wasn’t homed. pastes wait for no man yo!

went to Tesco to buy some of the ingredients and i started to prepare eagerly. preparing food for daddy is stressful (yet exciting) cos that old man is super fussy with what he puts into his mouth. that’s why daddy cooks whenever he’s homed. 😛 btw, man who can cook is charming 😉

told daddy the night before, i would take care of lunchy tomorrow. and i totally regretted it when i started cooking up a storm in the kitchen. it took me about 4 hours plus to put this together. a perpetual storm huh!

sarawak laksa

i was so pleased with the outcome!

it tasted similar to what i had in Sibu (ehehehehehe, i can anyhow say cos daddy neber been to Sibu)! the old man gave me an approval nod *wipes tears* followed by 好吃!mami even complimented i can start selling it and cook for her guests in the future! which daddy replied on behalf, “siao ar, 要做死人mer!” cos cooking Sarawak Laksa really requires a lot of labour, but it was all worth it!


the smart ant (i.e. me) did a lil’ tweaks on the ingredients to suit my own convenience. it’s a one-man show remember?

1. replaced shredded chicken with drumstick

2. hard boiled egg instead of egg strips

3. added calamari cos i like it

4. used plain yoghurt in lieu of santan (i’m cooking for my folks) and the broth turned out as creamy!


and in case you want the recipe of the luscious broth, here it is! (i did it freestylely so no measurement one)

1. pan fry some onion and (a lot of) prawn shells with 2tbsp of oil.

2. add chicken carcass and fry for a while.

3. add enough water and bring it to boil.

4. let the broth simmer for 45 mins.

5. add in laksa paste. i used a mixture of Helang & Nonyamuihiong brand.

6. add in some belacan paste and dried chili, totally optional.

7. bring it to boil again and then simmer on low fire for another 45 mins.

8. drain the spices out. i double-drained to make sure there’s no any residue left.

9. bring it to boil again and add yogurt.

10. taste and season with salt if necessary.

11. gaodim!


for a proper recipe, you may hop to here and here.


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