A Few of My Favourite Things, Beauty Review

A Few of My Favourite Things

hallo welcome me back!

today imma show you a few of my favourite things of recent months that i have been using/ wearing pretty often!

fav thing 04


denim fever

both denim jacket and hat are haul from my recent business-cum-leisure trip to Bangkok! both items are love at first sight and of good quality. best part is, i’m only paying fraction (like 10%) of what F21 offers. SCORE. the denim jacket was spotted at Pratunam Morning Market (MOST SHOPPABLE PLACE OF ALL BANGKOK! opens at 4 am till 9), definitely worth waking up for! while the hat i got it from Platinum Fashion Mall. and if you squint, there’s also a nail bracelet on the bed, i bought it because i thought it’s cool, not knowing it’s a knock-off of Cartier #facepalm.

chewy french fries

another recent favourite is this fun phone case from Glam Cases. i love rubbery phone cases because they grip on most of the surfaces better.

a few of my favourite thing #1

vintage gem

switched to this vintage purse when my River Island fell apart few months back 🙁 . found it when i’m shopping at mami’s wardrobe (ehehehehehe) and thought this clutch can double up as purse too! my essentials (note, cards and 随身符) fits snugly, although it’s smaller than my long wallet. until i find a suitable one, this suffice for now.


a few of my favourite thing #1
Juicy Papaya | REVLON

on the lips

apart from baju, i also hauled three lipsticks back from Bangkok (SHOPPING HEAVEN)! and this baby is one of the latest addition to my lipstick collection. Got this from Eve & Boy at only 99 baht (!!). most of my lipsticks are toward red and pink tone and i have been looking for orangey one for the longest time, couldn’t find one that complement my skin tone (making me look darker than i already am). this Juicy Papaya has a faint coral tone which makes my lips look healthily kissable , perfect on days that i’m going minimal with makeup.

a few of my favourite thing #1
Acacia Creme Mains Hand Cream | L’OCCITANE

for dry hands

hand cream is one of the permanent residents in my handbag, among fragrant miniature, lip balm, eyemo, shaver (haha), phone cable, and purse! this one from L’OCCITANE smells heavenly, it’s my pick-me-up on days that i’m feeling unproductive! very nourishing and non-sticky.

a few of my favourite thing #1

makeup remover

i have makeup on every working day. i do know that it’s vital to remove makeup thoroughly. over the years, i have tried on a few types of makeup remover, oil based, lotion based, and convenient wipes. i have never tried water based even though i have heard good things about this Micelle Lotion by BIODERMA. well, it’s a tad pricey and isn’t accessible in Malaysia at that moment. i think i saw this on sale basket when i walked past BONJOUR in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. i remembered the price range is above RM 100 for a bottle of 500 ml, and this was on 50% sale. FAIIITITLY grabbed it into shopping basket!

chose Sensibio (for sensitive skin) instead of Sebium (for oily skin) as the latter tends to dry skin out, from the numerous reviews i read.

a few of my favourite thing #1

i was skeptical at first, water can remove makeup, what you talking?

so i did a lil’ experiment. smeared my backpalm with my usual makeup product – foundation, concealer, loose powder, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, mascara, blusher and lipstick. then, i damped the cotton with the micelle lotion thingy and pressed on the makeup spot for 10 seconds. and rub off gently.

a few of my favourite thing #1
Sensibio H2O Make-up Removing Micelle Solution | BIODERMA

everything came off effortlessly. my eyeliner and mascara are supposed to be waterproof!

a few of my favourite thing #1
Sensibio H2O Make-up Removing Micelle Solution | BIODERMA

not sure what’s the sorcery science behind it. this bottle of solution is technically makeup remover/cleanser cum toner which requires no rinse. yup, no rinse. you may proceed with your skincare routine right after.

but i still double cleanse after that (being skeptical still), and then use this as a toner after patting my face dry. i have been using it this way (cleanse and tone) for a month, i love the fact that it doesn’t sting and give me cloudy eyes. and also it’s very gentle and doesn’t give me flaky skin. RM 50 well spent! 😀


a few of my favourite thing #1
Midi Chocolate | POCKY
a few of my favourite thing #1
Midi Chocolate | POCKY


last but certainly not least, PORKY!

saw this at a supermarket in Ngamwongwan Mall slightly pricey at 85 baht per box (the usual one cost 18 baht). there’s four flavours – matcha, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry to choose from and i bought a box each, except strawberry. what’s the difference? it’s stubbier, with thicker coating of cream. worth it or not?

“not worth it at all la” mami said, while pigging out the whole box *rolls eyes*.


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