Bandung, Indonesia, Jakarta

{5D4N @ Jakarta & Bandung} Preview

Ohallo from Jakarta!

As the title suggests, I’ll give you a preview of our trip here! Everyday!

Here’s the Day 1 – arriving at Jakarta


ME backpacking for the first time! I can finally master the art of light packing, packing only the essentials and buy whatever you left out later. Photo taken at Terminal 3 of Soekarno-Hatta Airport.

Day 2 – still at Jakarta


This is bejaj, a three wheels bike that brings you to hell. Really. Luckily, it remembers to bring you back to the heaven and then at your destination’s door step. A 15 minutes ordeal we survived. Photo taken at Passer Baroe.

***turn out that our hotel at Bandung doesn’t have free wifi. Stupid one. So I’m updating at Jakarta airport now. But suddenly connection dies. So I’m finishing this post in room sweet room at Penang.***

Day 3 – arriving at Bandung


This is me and my loots at Rumah Mode! So excited! We came here as shoppers instead of tourists cos that’s what we did the entire trip seimou.

Day 4 – shop till we drop day


Featuring Hugo the trusty D90 (huge ass canggih camera) here. He has been a really good boy no throw tantrum at all and I’m a good mama, brought him whenever I went despite its weight. /pat self. Ignore my unruly hair. It was a severe case of bad hair day bloody hell.

Day 5 – back to reality day


Bokeh is pretty but unpacking is dreadful.

Busy week ahead. Need to churn out few food reviews by this week. Gulp.
Good night!


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