Hat Yai

5 Things About Hat Yai

just spent the weekend at Hat Yai (my virgin trip!) and here’s the 5 little things about this small buzzy city in one glance.

5 things about Hatyai

their completely haywire telephone /power cable

5 things about Hatyai

their main public transportation – tuk-tuk actually looks cute on the outside

5 things about Hatyai

7/11 – best place for brekkie/lunchy/dinner fix.

pawns our local outlets hands down

5 things about Hatyai

thai are pretty particular with the decimal points.

5 things about Hatyai

their doggie is smart and obedient.

this doggie sitting on pillion biting a basket full of something didn’t even budge an inch while cornering. geng!


8 thoughts on “5 Things About Hat Yai

  1. Was it in Krabi or Phuket that the 7 11 have special offers for their soon to be expired food. Good value. Made it a point to hunt down all their 7 11 for their cheap drinks.

    1. hallo Aan Hong!

      i have no idea about that as i have not visited these two places. but i assume the 7/11 in Thailand is a great place to discover Thai snacks! and instant noodles!

      have a enjoyable trip to Thailand! 🙂

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