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{3D2N @ Sibu} Day 3 Last Day of Food Hunting

May 5th, 2013 [Saturday]

it was my last day in Sibu 🙁

my last day of enjoying nice food, enjoying the great companion, enjoying the simple life in Sibu.

it was almost four years ago since i last stepped foot on Sibu! and i must say Sibu has certainly developed a lot especially the airport! and also the addition of Giant & Daesco! road also smoother i heard. last time, i dined more in Cafes and Restaurant, this time around, my one and only request to Xiang the ex-roomie was, Sarawak Laksa everyfreakingday idoncare! so far wish granted, i had laksa for the past two days which you can read about here and here 🙂

okay so it’s a Saturday, we slept in a little longer (Xiang was working on weekday), and only woke up for brekkie at 10! thanks to the karaoke session last night!

so without further ado, i shall present you what i makan-ed on the last day of my Sibu trip!

first stop!

Sibu Central Market Complex @ Jalan Channel

sibu 3

this Sibu Central Market Complex is located opposite of the Express Boat Passenger Terminal where the ground floor is the wet market where you can find all poultry, fish, pork, local veggies & fruits, dried food etc, and the upper floor is like a HUGEEEE food court, so many many stalls.

the reason why we were here because there’s one stall selling good 肉粥 (literally means meaty porridge) and dumplings, according to Xiang’s friend. but Xiang herself hasn’t tried it before, so yala i’m her guinea piggie partner =.=

sibu 4

but bloody hell it’s not open =.=

we were gushing oh how lucky we were to get the parking right at the front of the market earlier on. i think Mr Lucky went marketing wtf.

sibu 5

so we ended up pong chan this stall.

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

yeah what’s new!

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

the broth was tastier than the one i had yesterday at Tiong Hua Market. not as muchy liao (ingredients), but it’s just RM3, what do you expect eh?

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

Xiang ordered a bowl of meaty porridge few stalls away.

it’s greyish shade in color which really didn’t appeal us. but then it’s surprisingly decent. not reaaally nice but not thaaaat bad too.

we had a stroll in the market before leaving..

sibu 1

wiggly sago worms that gave me goosebumps!

wiggly worms in action!

they are still geli as before :/ but ar i actually ate them before! plucked their head off and pan fried them, so crunchy and.. yummy! tasted like fried prawns hehe.

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

that’s how alive chickens are sold in local market. i thought it’s quite funny. once paid you can just take them home, like a handbag, just that what you bought is a clucking chicken instead of bag.

sibu 6

despite i have had lived in Sarawak for four years, i actually can’t differentiate paku pakis and midin. so Xiang gave me a crash course on the spot. this above plant/veggie is paku pakis, the leaf is muchy more curly and tight.

sibu 7

while this is midin. the curl is looser and color appears lighter too.

Xiang bought a bunch home, she’s gonna stir-fried it for me cos i told her i miss it..

sibu 8

and this is buah keranji, in English it’s velvet tamarind? it does taste like tamarind..

the lady told me that you can keep it up to even a year, no need to be chilled. i was like WOW. okay gimme one packet!

it still edible even after two weeks!

and then after marketing, i felt like wanted to makan again omg

Aloha @ Jalan Keranji

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak
Roti Canai

when Xiang told me that we’re going for roti canai i was like dafuq? i didn’t flew all the way here for roti canai!

i likey my roti thin and crispy one (roti planta).. that or roti sardine. i felt stupid to eat plain roti canai la =.= i paid just to eat flour =.=

okay so apparently she hasn’t finish her sentence.

.. and also ↓ *points down*

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak
Sarawak Laksa again! 😀

this was the forth and the last bowl of laksa i had throughout my 3d2n Sibu trip! and ranked 2nd of #AntzFavouriteSarawakLaksa! the first goes to *drumrollll* Thomson’s that STP brought me! but i like the belacan sambal here more!

and my lunchy didn’t stop there!

we adjoined to..

The Ark Cafe & Restaurant @ Rejang Esplanade

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak
Crispy Pork Leg

so Dom’s mami wanted to treat me lunchy before i flew back to KL! third rounds rounds of brunchy lunchy crazy!

i likey the ambiance here and the food was good especially this pork leg! it totally deserves a post on its own as i managed to prance and shoot around!

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

how can i not have a shot with this beautifully-sculptured horse!

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

so did Xiang!

Sibu Eng Ann Teng Tua Pek Kong Temple @ Jalan Chew Geok Lin

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

the only non-food related i snapped in Sibu (other than portraits’)!

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

standing majestically in front of rejang River is this iconic Tua Pek Gong Temple, standing quite stall with its 7th floor pagoda. i would definitely go in and pray if i  i didn’t have a plane to catch..

Xiang’s Home!

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

so this was what Xiang whipped up! stir fried midin with ang jiu!

it’s her first time stir frying veggie omg i felt so touched T_T (you know what’s more touching? when i said nite nite to her on the first night, she replied “it has been a looong time since i last heard that!” we were roomies for three years before parted. and then the second night when we were karaoke-ing, she tagged me in a photo in facebook, an illustration what bff does together which she captioned, “things we have been doing the past two days”. my eyes got teary but acted so cool and sang shouted to the tune of i don’t want to miss a thing wtf)

the veggie was soft yet not soggy, retained slight crunchiness! with ang jiu aroma too! she only added the ang jiu after turning off the gas, and keep stirring it so that every inch of the midin was coated evenly with ang jiu!

Xiang’s mama gave a thumb up too!

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak
fatt gou

it’s different from semenanjung’s. the texture is denser (less fluffy) there. what we got here is soft, light and fluffy!

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak
Chicken Soup Mee Sua

Xiang’s mama cooked me my last meal before sending me off to aiport!

this time no ang jiu, just flavourful and nourishing chicken soup to keep me warm all the way back to KL! 🙂

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak
i shall end this post like how i started the first post on Sibu!

i’ll be back again, Sibu! see you in two years time 😉

so now, Xiang, when are you coming to Penang ar huh Huh HUH!


10 thoughts on “{3D2N @ Sibu} Day 3 Last Day of Food Hunting

  1. Ya…Foochow tradition – must eat mee sua before a journey – soon hong! Ya…my laksa’s the best! Of course lah! I am never wrong one. Hehehehehehe!!!!

    Aloha, you did not eat the kway teow wrapped in egg – uniquely Sibu-style one? I would not say nice…but it is special, different.

    Central Market hawker centre, not so nice lah…so hot and dirty and uncomfortable some more. Night time, there’s the Teochew dry noodles – that one very nice. Used to eat when young…but since it moved there, lazy to go lah. Come, come…you come again, we go together. Wink! Wink!
    suituapui recently posted..I’ll take your word (2)…My Profile

    1. ohhh didn’t know there’s such tradition. no wonder la.. i was curious i just had mee sua the day before, and mee sua again? i’m certainly not complaining!! just curious… should have thought of that! :/

      yala STP never wrong when it comes to food! 😀

      Xiang didn’t recommend me the kway teow in Aloha =.= there’s few eatery that we were both first time there, phailed food guide 😛

      Xiang said the porridge was nice in the Central Market, so we popped by, i have never been there anyway. and i wanted to see what else to buy back for my family! and also i was looking for the instant laksa paste in box that you mentioned, but haiya to no avail 🙁

      will definitely visit Sibu again! but not so soon la :/ gotta finish writing my thesis and start looking for job omg felt so grown up! wtf
      Constance Ann recently posted..Beauty Box: MIVVA Mother’s Day EditionMy Profile

  2. During my first visit to Sibu…It look interesting see those chicks bungkus in that way.
    I like all the above! Except for the wormy la har… :-p

  3. This is a GREAT post. I love the photo of the chickens. And the worms are good too. The Sarawak Laksa looks yummy, I want some.

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