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2017 In Review

hallo Anteaders! *wipe cobweb*

i have failed to keep up with blogging. in fact, i have been posting sparingly on all social media platforms. i’m trying to live the moment, instead of posting instantly. there’s a rule among us, no phone once all food is served. when it’s time to eat, we enjoy the food and companion.

anyway, i thought i’d do a wrap up for 2017.


work has been taken a toll on me in the second half of the year. at one point i was so stressed out and worn out that i tendered resignation. i took a few days off work to ease my mind and just spending time for myself and now i’m reenergized to rock at work again!

it used to be just four of us, now there’s a dozen of us! can form a football team! i’m still learning how to be a superior to lead the team, how to let go and say no, how to delegate work to subordinates so that i can focus on what i really need to do.


this year Kikilala and i returned to Vietnam and visited the south – Ho Chi Minh. the city is more hectic than Hanoi, and road crossing was still a scary challenge. and we chanced upon surprises when we’re exploring the city on foot. i’m very looking forward to our antventure next year, i’m finally flying out of Asia! i’ll reveal the destination when the time comes!

locally, my family and i did a road trip to Ipoh and Penang earlier this year, and then to Ipoh again with Kikilala to visit Theng’s newborn. in September i was in Ipoh again to celebrate godson’s birthday! ya thrice. then i travel up to kl numerous times to spend time with popo and relatives. last month, finally step foot on the vast green paddy field in Sekinchan.


i fall in love. we’re still at the very early stage of the relationship but i felt like i  have known this guy for the longest time. i can comfortably share my problems and my space with him. you know how freedom and personal space is important for a Sagittarian! we don’t get to meet often, but absence makes the heart grow fonder, it’s true. and we’re still stuck together after a road trip to Ipoh and Sekinchan, not too bad la this guy, so patient with me.

so yeah, that sums up my 2017. what i hope to achieve in 2018? salary increment and travel more often XD.

nope, not planning to tie the knot yet.


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