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Things Popo and I say

just a lil’ background story.

popo brought me up since day one. and i lived together with popo (and bro and aunt and few tenants) until i was 15yo. my parents were working in somewhere else and we didn’t stay under one roof until they moved back to KL. so yeah popo was the one who took care of me since i was born.

and then fast forward few years later, popo was diagnosed with Alzheimer and stroke. it was devastating. but then in retrospect, it might be a good thing for her. popo has spent most of her life taking care of someone else, her mother in law, her nine children, and many many grandchildren.  at least she’s the one being taken care of now and being treated like a 王太后.

i was staying at uncle’s during my recent trip to KL (just came back to Malacca today). and that’s where popo are staying right now, so i was really glad to being able to spend some quality time with her. although i was out whole day, i made sure i had brekkie and dinner with her while having some mindless and funny conversations.

here’s some of the insights. imagine the whole convo to be spoken in Cantonese.


one of my favourite thing to do, was to test her,

me: ngo hai pin goh? (who am i?)

popo: nei hai pin goh? (who are you?)

me: ngo hai XXX ar! (i am XXX ar!) <— pretend to be someone else

popo: …em hai la (no la)

me: gam ngo hai pin goh jek? con… (who am i then? con…) <— giving out hint

popo: consent!

me: lek lui! (pandai!)

ya that’s how popo calls me. #facepalm

Alzheimer patient is really forgetful. she forgot what she ate 2 minutes ago and she would ask the same question over and over and over again, which is pretty frustrating at times. but when i asked how (the late) yeye (grandpa) courted her, she still remembers vividly and often blushes whenever we talk about him!



me: lenglui zou san (good morning)!

popo: zou san!

see! age doesn’t define beauty. that’s the confident we’re talking about baybeh!



but sometimes she’s not this confident, especially in front of reflective surface.

popo: haiyo hou chao yong (haiyo berry ugly) *caressing her gray hair*

me: pin dou chao yong! (where got ugly!)

popo: chao la (ugly la) *continues to caress gray hair*

me: hai leng ar! leng bao keng! nei em hou jiu gam loi tim, deng gan geng bao jor, dim hou! nei yiu pui ga! (is pretty! pretty till mirror cracks! you don’t look too long in the mirror for too long, later the mirror cracks, how? you have to pay for it one ar!)

popo: leng bao keng.. kekekekeke

i love it when popo laughs like that, kekekekeke, her eyes will squint into a line, so cute.



popo always complain that her hair is too gray. she secretly wanted a dye job we all knew. but then we wouldn’t dare to risk it as there’s too muchy chemical in it that would do no any good to her sensitive scalp. and me being the mischievous grandchild love to make fun of her hair. 😛

me: lenglui sek bao mei ar? (lenglui, have you eaten?)

popo: sek bao lo! (yes!)

me: nei hai leng lui ar? (you’re leng lui?)

popo: *shy* em hai la, ngo em hai leng lui (no la, i’m not)

me: gam nei hai mat yeh? (then what are you?)


me: nei hai patt fatt mo lui! XD (you’re the bride with white hair)

*caresses popo’s grey hair*



like i mentioned, popo loves to admire herself in any reflective surface. and here’s one convo that took place in the bathroom. i was holding popo to the toilet bowl but she got distracted by the mirror.

popo: *looking at the mirror while I was holding her* wah nei hou goh ngo ar! (wah you’re taller than me)

me: hai ya! nei jou meh gam ngai tok tok geh? ah ma dou gam ngai tok tok ga? (ya la! why are you so stubby? your mami also that short one ar?)

popo: mou la! hui hou dai jek, hou fei (no lo! she’s berry big sized, berry fat)

me: aiyer, nei gam sui geh! *poke her tummy* nei dou hou fei ar! (aiyer you’re so bad! you’re fat too)

popo: ngo tou fei jek! (i’m only fat at tummy)

me: gam ah ma le? (what about ah ma)

popo: hui ar, seng san dou fei ar! (she’s all rounded, like literally lol)

me: *rubs popo’s tummy* pot calling the kettle black huh.



and because of that, popo’s got a new moniker!

ah ju! which translats to piggie!




and then ebery night before popo off to bed, i’ll greet her..

me: ah ju… good night. see you tomorrow.

popo: good night. see you tomolo. *wide grins* nei jong em yiu fan ar? (you still don’t wanna sleep ar?)

me: zao lei ga la. nei fan sin. (soon soon, you sleep first.)

popo: nei fan bin dou? yat cai fan la. (you sleep where? sleep together with ma la)

me: ngo fan lao xiong. ngo fan nei geh chong, nei fan dei har ga la. (i sleep upstairs. if i were to sleep your bed, you have to sleep on the floor one ar)

popo: yat cai fan chong em dak mer? (sleep together on the bed cannot mer?) 

me: yat cai fan chong? deng kan ngo yat bin nei dim hou? dim hou! (sleep together? what if i sleep on you and you kemek?)

popo: kekekekeke

me: yat bin jor zao yong goh go pump fong geh cui nei jiong hei lei lo! (if kemek already, i’ll pump some air into you to inflate you!)

popo: kekekekeke. gam hor yi yat cai fan lo! (we can sleep together then!)

kakak: nanti you dua jatuh I kemek la adui!

popo: tak takut la. guna itu pump, cui nei jiong hei lei! kekekekeke

whenever popo laughs like that, my heart melts.


and this morning i told popo,

me: po.. deng kan ngo yiu fan malacca jor ar! nei yiu guai guai ar… yiu jiu gu zi gei ar… (po… i’ll be going back to malacca later. you have to behave ar… and take care of yourself ar…)

popo: nei zou mer yiu fan? (why you wanna go back)

me: yao yeh yiu zou lo. nei yiu gan ngo fan mou? (i have something to do lo. you wanna join me?)

popo: *shakes head*


and when i hugged and kissed her goodbye…

popo: nei dai mai ngo yat cai fan la… (you bring me back together la)

i feel like crying there and then. i wish po…

i ignored her and carried my luggage out.

popo was shouting for me

“consent consent!”

i ran to her and hugged her and kissed her once more and i told her,

“po… nei guai guai har goh yuet zhuai nei wan nei ar!” (po… you behave ar…i’ll come again next month okie!)


i haven’t been spending this muchy time with her in awhile. so i am glad that we get to bond. like how we used to be.

me sayang-ing popo at her birthday 3 years back. haha!


and here’s the latest selfie of us in pjs! <3


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  1. I use to ask my grandma too..
    I also stay with my grandma during the day time and go back to my house when my parents after work…

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