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yeah, i was as surprised as you guys when i log into my site and saw this *points down*


this joker still have the cheek to leave his email here. not that i know how to revenge and hack him back anyway. and the best part was, i just moved my site to a new server and i didn’t changed the DNS servernames. so everything was poof GONE. one year worth of memories. GONE. and readership too. it’s new low.

i mourned for a few days feeling really down. it’s like part of me are missing. and i grumbled about it to the boyf.

me: dear most prolly everything is gone on my site
i have to build from zero again
it’s a year worth of memories (depressed face)

boyf: is ok dear
chu still got mozzabearla* ma
mozzabearla alone worth 1000000000 years of memories

*he calls me beby and i call him bear. so one day i was asking him why was he so cheesy huh huh huh and he replied cos he’s mozzabearla and i was like =______________=

i am taking the boyf’s advice by strengthening ALL my passwords, including fb, twitter, emails. lecturer receiving “hallo do you need my service tonight” is the last thing i wanna see :/ oh i need to set reminder to backup regularly. just in case, you know *touchy wood*

so yeah, AntzWorLd is currently undergoing revamp. and hopefully it will be ready to relaunch by this week. i’m keeping my fingers cross x(“,)x 

the site is live by the time you this!

since i am starting all over again, let me introduce myself, hallo! i’m Constance Ann, the owner of AntzWorLd. cheng doh doh ji gao *curtsy*


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