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{Penang} Desserts @ Sweet Hut, Precint 10

Ken (of & i chanced upon this dessert place, Sweet Hut while we were on our way home after berbuka puasa at Starz Diner Hard Rock Hotel. i have to clarify that we went back to different homes, he’s just kind enough to give me a lift (because some jokers thought we are couple =.=)! thanks dude!

we had a dessert each and we actually thought Sweet Hut fairs better than some of the dessert chain out there. one friendly lady, Zenny, approached us, gave a brief introduction on the shop and some of the desserts. Sweet Hut was a really new addition at Precint 10 then. and she extended the invitation to the grand opening of Sweet Hut to us once she found out we are bloggers.

i don’t usually announce i am a freaking blogger when i’m eating out with my friends and family. i will just snap around leisurely (so that the other patrons don’t feel uneasy), and eat my food quietly and only comment on the food when i blog about it. but when i’m out bloggers, i’m more bold to speak my mind. actually they are more opinionated, i just chip in one in a while XD. paiseh ma.

August 3rd, 2013 [Saturday]

so on the auspicious day, POP! Sweet Hut officially joined the food scene in Penang! it’s the first outlet here, but i learnt that there’s 13 other outlets in Klang Valley and Malacca.

i like the rustic wall here!

and the other wall is dessertful!

Baked Marquis Chocolate Pudding with Cookies Ice-Cream | RM 12.80

you’ve got to wait 15-20 mins for preparation. the wait is totally worth it i assure you, if you are a chocolate person la! warm dark chocolate lava oozes out the second you cut it open. the pudding was moist and the texture was just right, best paired with the ice cream! and the fruits at the side, dip them with the choco lava and eat it ala fondue style 😀

this dessert is 心太软 in Chinese which reminds me of Richie Ren, 心太软 was the first ever song i sang in Karaoke! #facepalm. it’s a hit that time okie!

ooh la la!

no wonder it’s in the Top 10 Chart!

Mango & Durian Pancakes (2 pcs) | RM 9.90

rich cream and fruit encased in a thin pancakes!

i absolutely adored the Durian Pancake! Sweet Hut is really generous with the durian filling as you can see! unlike some other shops which has more cream than durian in it :/

daddy will LOVE it for sure! gonna bring him to try it in Malacca!

Coconut Pudding with Caramel Pudding | RM 12.80

this is one of my favourite dessert at Sweet Hut! the caramel pudding and coconut pudding (sink at the bottom) and coconut milk just complement each other berry well. both puddings are smooth and soft! you can also have your coconut pudding with ice cream!

if you notice, Sweet Hut actually adds fresh-cut fruits in every dessert dish! a way to make you eat REAL fruit!

Steam Aloe Vera with Egg White and Papaya (cold) | RM 12.80

one of the dessert that i like to diy at home is 雪耳木瓜糖水 for youknowhat purpose. but so far i don’t see any positive effect =.=.

anyway, Sweet Hut made a twist on the classic tong sui! whole halved papaya is steamed together with egg white and aloe vera cubes. super nourishing dessert i would say. though i wish they use almond pudding instead of egg white. Zenny later explained egg white is used because not all like the taste of almond. but i thought they can add an almond option on the menu, for almond lovers like me!

translucent aloe vera cubes add additional sweetness to the dessert. however, the papaya itself is already sweet enough, so you might find this dessert slightly too sweet for your liking. the sweetness is just nice to me though.

fyi, all of the dessert at Sweet House DO NOT contain artificial sugar or flavouring!

Papaya Milk Snow Ice | RM 9.90

papaya is a rare flavour for shaved ice i would say as i don’t see other dessert shops serve this! Papaya Milk Snow Ice is new on the menu! and yesh, Durian Snow Ice is available too, of course!

i guess this Snow Milk will be the best dessert on hot day! and look, fresh papaya cubes on the side 😀

Mini Spanish Egg Tarts (5 pcs) | RM 6.50

i thought these are just mediocre. sorry i have tasted the authentic ones in Macau, my tastebud don’t make do with anything below par anymore 😛

i also added two desserts that Ken & i had on our previous visit.

Steam Red Dates White Fungi Papaya Coconut Soup (hot) | RM 9.80

i love everything with sea coconut! but too bad, it’s too sweet for my liking.

Milk Almond Pudding and Mango Sago Pomelo Soup | RM 8.90

while Ken had this cold dessert.

{thing that makes me smile} the heart jelly 🙂

i love that it’s not overly sweet at all. and almond actually goes well with mango too! sago bits and pomelo pulps added different texture into the dessert! this is on their Top 10 list too!

Sweet Hut

10-C-23, Precinct 10, Jalan Tanjung Tokong,
10470, Penang.
+604 8909969
weekdays: 1300 –  0030
weekends: 1300 – 0100
closed on every Monday
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