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{Beauty} Slimming Products Review

April 19th, 2013 [Friday]

Everyone wants to look good and feel good. We will do whatever it takes to ensure satisfaction every time we look into the mirror. Some turn their sights on exercise whereas others turn to slimming centres or diet programs. It all depends on whether you prefer to do it the hard way or the easy way (taking money out of your wallet is pretty easy ain’t it? :P)(yes. Especially easy from your wallet 😉).

In our society today, thin is the new pretty. I’m not judging as I am a victim of judgment from society as well. It is very obvious that being thin gets you attention, gets you clothes (cause you can fit into every freaking one of them Daisy Dukes), gets you somewhere and it even gets you a partner. You have to admit, the “thinnies” get all the good stuffs. Pfft.

I come from a family of big sized people. Hahaha. For a guy, it’s definitely an advantage as big size gives the girls security. But for a girl who is 5’4, I tend to look like a giant among other girlfriends. I still remember when I was in Upper 6, the Lower 6 girls were all teeny weeny kids. Petite girls definitely have the advantage of being the weaker ones that guys always feel the need to help. =.= With this frame, I cannot afford to gain extra weight as I will look even more gigantic than I already am. 🙁 Only good thing is, everyone looks up to you. Even The Ant. Cause she’s short-ER than me. HAHA (tsk. But it’s okay i can rely on heels).

I have always been struggling with my weight. Not only am I big, I have inherited my mom’s side of flabby arms! The horror! Even when I’ve lost like 5 kgs, the arms are still flabby. They are in dire need of extreme toning. One that I cannot provide with as I’m a lazy ass. The Ant calls my arms “mochi” (and I LOOOVE to flap and roll it wtf…i miss your butterfly arms). =.= I literally live to eat and not the other way round. HAHA. Ask The Ant. She will happily agree (cos we’re each other’s partner in crime!). Tsk. 😛

I can only focus on losing weight when I have major events to look good in like my engagement, my registration, my wedding photos and my wedding. The Ant had been there to share all 3 of my most memorable moments (yes I had *insert lansi emoticon*). Surprise! I’m the bride with EVERYTHING in YELLOW! Haha! She was my photographer for my engagement (with LC) and my registration (here‘s some pictures that i took! if you’re keen la). She had been there to witness my struggle with weight loss and dieting. HAHAHA. Now that I’m married, I have nothing to look forward to anymore and so I look pretty preggers. Not that I am. Wth. 😛

Okok. I’m like talking my life away instead of reviewing. Sorry babes. So this is a lazy girl’s guide to losing the extra inches at areas that need them most: arms, tummy and thighs. And also extra tips on losing weight and toning oneself within limited time. I have tried 6 slimming products so far. HAHAHA! XD I very the “oi leng” thank you. LOL.


1) Slimming Sanctuary Activ 7 Sculptor Gel, 100ml


Slimming Sanctuary claims:

Activ 7 Sculptor Gel signifies a new era in cosmetic body-sculpturing technology. Encapsulating 7 most powerful active ingredients via Liposomal Delivery, it targets broad spectrum of fat-related imperfections, triggering accelerated and intensified fat-combustion like never before. Assures efficient deep-tissue lipolysis, bio-drainage nand cellulite peeling, the formulae also boasts an HBA award-winning technology – Tissue Reversion, which inhibits synthesis of adipocytes (fat cells).

My claim:

I bought it last year after my friend LC and I bought an RM38 voucher for slimming treatments in Slimming Sanctuary. I was desperate at that time to tone my arms as my wedding was a month plus away! O.O With the desperado look, I was a primary target victim for them to dupe me into believing I was incurable on my own (even with exercise) so I needed the extra product, after I duped them back into thinking I was not staying in Penang anymore to undergo further treatments that costs RM1k+! 😛

It cost me RM239 for a tub of 100ml product. Oh the cost of beauty. Wth. =.=


This made-in-Switzerland-gel is green in colour and it has a light “salon” type of smell. In short, smells like a blend of chemicals. 😛 Didn’t quite fancy the smell. LOL. I was told that the gel will have a burning sensation thus I should either use a plastic glove when applying or to wash my hands thoroughly after application as not to hurt my eyes if I accidentally touched them.

I applied it twice a day after bath on my arms and tummy since no one will see my thunder thighs during my wedding. 😛 Always apply on a clean surface so as to absorb the products well. I massage them in circular motions on my tummy and circular motions inwards towards my armpit for the arms.

A word of caution: Do not apply on your armpit or too near your armpit as when you put down your arms, the inner part with touch your armpit and thus “burns” it. You will feel extremely uncomfortable. Like me. 🙁

A few minutes later you will feel the burning sensation and it will heighten when you have sleeves that cover your arms or when you go under the sun. It does feel uncomfortable and leaves red marks all over the applied area. But in a corner of your mind, you know your fats are burning and it kinda neutralizes the discomfort. Haha. I did not measure my arms as my friends will always be the judges. I just show them after a few applications and they will instantly know whether there are differences or not. It’s good to have hawkeyed friends (thank you!). 😛

This product is worth investing if you’re really desperate but you can still get good ones within lower budgets. I was just vulnerable. 😛


2) Bio Essence Celebrity’s Choice Inchloss Body Cream Extra Strength, 200g


Bio Essence claims:

Introducing the new high performance Celebrity’s Choice InchLoss Body Cream Extra Strength– power packed with 2X more firming ingredients to speed up the reduction of stubborn fatty deposits under the skin with increased unique natural and breakthrough bio-heat active ingredients.

7 Days, Slims ½ Inch!-Arms, tummy, thighs & legs
Unique with Bio Heat Ingredients. Burn Fats the Whole Day


Slimmer silhouette moisturizes and smoothens skin enriched as well as tummy, thighs and arms look firmer.

My claims:

I bought during Watson’s promotion just to try. I think it was around RM60+. It is a cheaper and more economical version of the Slimming Sanctuary one as it gives the exact same burning sensation (and red marks) with double the amount and 4x less the amount paid!

It has capsicum, ginger and pineapple essence to enhance blood and oxygen microcirculation to stimulate metabolism and reduces the appearance of excess fats. The smell is acceptable as it is a bit fruity like strawberry. The texture is thicker compared to the green gel from Slimming Sanctuary but it absorbs well. Do not apply too much as you might feel sticky. Wash your hands thoroughly after application as well. Massages are always in circular motions for slimming products.

The difference between this one and the one above is that this cream lasts the whole day! At certain times of the day, especially when it’s really hot, you will feel the extra burning sensation again on the applied area. So it is true that it burns fats 24/7. The downside of this product is that it gave me tiny bumps on my arms. I think I’m allergic to it. Those aren’t rashes. They’re just tiny non-red bumps. But because I tend to be lazy and forget to apply it often, when you squeeze the product out, oil tends to flow out first and it kinda disgusted me. HAHA. Me no likey. 😛 So I have stopped using it.

Word of advice: Use it often (2x a day) if you want to see results. Do not let it stay stagnant for too long as it will separate into 2 phases. If you wish to prevent that, shake well before use. 🙂


3) Biotherm Svelte, Biotherm Celluli Laser, Biotherm Lift and ZA Wonder Shaper

Short reviews of these products as I used them a few years ago and most if not all of them are no longer in market. HAHA.

For cellulite, I do recommend Biotherm Celluli Laser as their first cellulite gel had really worked well for me. It was orange in colour and smelt great. I loved it. Application is circular motions inwards towards your buttocks while standing with the applied leg on a stool. Push the product inwards. My cellulite was no longer obvious when I sat down after that. Yay! I shall always remember this product as I bought 2 tubes. LOL. But I was too lazy after that to apply everyday so I stopped. 😛

Biotherm Svelte and Lift did a pretty good job too for my arms. Svelte helps to burn the fat and Lift is meant to tighten and firm my flabbiness. My then-boyfriend-now-husband agreed too that they worked for me. But as usual, I was too lazy and so I stopped at the second tube of Svelte. 😛 I bought a lot of Biotherm products when I was younger cause I was their biggest fan. I spent RM500+ each time I bought from them to get Jusco vouchers (BUY ON J CARD DAY ONLY!) and 7-11 free gifts. Oh there goes my PTPTN money. 🙁 They have a very good range of skincare and bodycare that really works especially their green AquaSource range and Source Therapie range. 😀  And their retail price is cheaper than Kose, Shiseido, Estee Lauder, Lancome etc. Around Clinique’s price I think. 😀

ZA Wonder Shaper on the other hand, not much recollection of it as I didn’t get much obvious results after application. Haha.



1) Lemon and honey! The Ant drinks this concoction everyday too except when she didn’t shop for lemons. 😛 Drink this every morning before meals (empty stomach) and the remaining juice can be drunk during the day as lemon water. 🙂 A lemon a day and adequate honey for taste.

2) Apple Cider Vinegar and honey! The Ant, our friend LC and I bought ACV last year to help us improve our digestive system and for slimming purposes as well. Hee. 2 teaspoons of ACV and honey for taste. I normally drink 2 tablespoons. Kiasu ma. Works better. HAHAHA!

3) Exercise! Exercise! Exercise! It maintains your overall health and keeps your heart pumping well. No matter how lazy you are, you need to move your ass 3 times 30 mins a week at least. Do try. A simple jumping jackx100 can be a start! Or swimming! Increase your laps everytime you swim. If you can’t, at least maintain 5 laps minimum. 🙂 If you need motivation, get a personal trainer or go in groups like yoga classes (like me! i paid to exercise =.=). 😀

For brides to be: Focus on exercise for arms and tummy as your gowns will cover your legs. 😛

Triceps workout can help with the flabbiness and sit ups can help with your tummy. Do them religiously everyday and with the help of the slimming products, you will see results definitely!

4) Cut down on your carbs intake like white rice, white bread, candies, sugar etc. No more can drinks. Replace with tea. Best is green tea cause it’s filled with antioxidants and boosts our metabolism for weight loss. Though caffeine burns fat, do not exceed a cup of coffee a day as our coffees are normally added with milk and sugar. 🙂 Eat more fruits, vegetables and wholegrains.

5) Last but not least, if you want to try meal replacements, I recommend Melilea Organic. I have personally tried this and this helped me lose 3 kgs within 1 month. I replaced 2 meals a day with this (or sometime once if i succeeded in luring her to eat nyek!). It is made from many different kinds of vegetables and fruits and I drink with Apple and Soy powder from Melilea as well. I think the starter set (if it’s still the same) for Organic, Apple and Soy is around RM300+.

This is the website!


Happy losing weight!

BlabberBee buzzing off!


if you haven’t already know, BlabberBee is a guest beauty blogger on AntzWorLd! everything posted above ↑ is credited to her, both the words and photos, and i’ll do the proofreading and photo editing and posting (because this is my forte). since she’s the user of the product, i’ll let her reply those comments regarding on the products! and those wordings in grey italic is by me, the ant. thank you for reading! have a great weekend!


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