hallo! welcome to Being Antventurous (previously known as AntzWorLd)!

my name is Constance Ann. but my friends would call me Ant to annoy me (but I still love them!) back in secondary school days, hence the birth of this domain constance-ant.com! and i’m known as annant (sometimes annantz if the former has been taken up) in most of the social media sites, namely Instagram and Facebook.

i’m currently based in this lovely historic state of Malacca, Malaysia.

keen to know more about me? i have listed 30 facts about me here!



Being Antventurous (previously known as AntzWorLd) exists since 2008 in many platforms and urls, and only until January 2011 that it’s permanent on constance-ant.com! AntzWorLd was hacked in May 2012 so the whole archives of January 2011 – early May 2012 were wiped clean! it’s okay i consoled myself, at least i know which host is unreliable (I have since switched host).

Being Antventurous documents things that i love in life: food nom-ed, places adventured, beauty products tested, outfits wore, and some lil’ things that make me smile.

Being Antventurous is powered by WordPress and the domain is hosted by Serverfreak (not sponsored).



every now and then i’ve had a few people ask me about the gear that I use so I thought i’d mention here on what I’m using.

i shoot on a Nikon D90 (Hugo) with 35mm f1.8G prime lens. and when i’m lazy, i count on my trusty iPhone 5 (iBaby). photos are mostly post-processed using Photoscape or Adobe Photoshop CC.

i also own a point & shoot Panasonic Lumix DMC – FH 5 (Pinkie) which i hardly use anymore and i’ll lug my Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s (Miss Lulu) on special occasions.

i am by no means a professional, but i’m learning every day.



all blog posts are my own honest opinions and in the end are only my experiences, opinions and reviews. the photos and texts are originals by yours truly, Constance Ann unless otherwise referenced. the views are purely personal and by no means professional advice.

there might be complimentary items/invited food reviews on this website, if so, i will labelled them accordingly: invited event, invited food review or sponsored post.

if you wish to use any of my photos, do contact me via my email. i’m okay with it as long as it is referenced. 🙂



{Newspaper} Starmetro

{TV} Foodie Blogger CNY Special 2015 爱食客新年特备 2015


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