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{3D2N @ Sibu} Day 2 Food-Hunting & Karaoke

May 4th, 2013 [Friday]

the ant wanna spend more time with the bestie before leaving tomorrow.

will prolly update this space after election day (which i’m super gancheong about btw! first time voting bah)

meanwhile, hop over to the facebook page and drool over the food she has had the past two days 😀

add her on Instagram (@constance.ant), she’s more active there. 🙂

and travel safe ya, if you’re heading home to vote.

ini kali lah!

it’s time to have a change for Malaysia! vote wisely ya everybuddy!

till then.



and reunited with the lappie! 😀

so here goes the food i ate on Day 2 @ Sibu!

Tiong Hua Market @ Tiong Hua Road

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

woke up at 7am for brekkie!

the sky was so bright even at 6ish! i’ve left Sarawak for two years plus, so not used to such brightness at ungodly hour!

but it’s okay, i usually sleep less while travelling!

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

this is a norm practice in Sarawak! they soak our eating utensil in hot water! for hygiene purpose.

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

sambals. the one in focus is for Sarawak Laksa while the one at the back was Loh Mee!

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

Jeng Jeng Jeng! Sarawak Laksa as brekkie!

the portion is larger than Thomson’s! and more liao (ingredients) as well. and it’s cheaper, RM 4 only!

it’s not as thick and creamy as Thomson’s. but my friend said that the quality is not consistent, as the broth is usually slightly thicker. however i thought this version is great for brekkie, when you don’t wanna take something heavy.

i really likey the sambal! it’s not overly-belacan!

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

a typical Sarawak style brekkie 😀

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

complete with a 3 Layer Teh where the sugar at the bottom, milk, and tea as the main constituent!

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

my friend, SX and her mom had this, Loh Mee!

it’s different from Peninsular’s, what we get here is usually stickily gluey one, and this was watery one..

Lunchy @ SX’s

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

and Aunty cooked me lunchy!

some of the highlights were..

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

Aunty tapao-ed this Pek Kueh (white kuih) from Esan Cafe @ Rejang Park!

it was like char mee, but instead of mee, they use this Pek Kueh, which is rice cake. the texture is somewhat thick and chewy..

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

initially Aunty tapao-ed this for SX’s sis when we were brekkie-ing at the Tiong Hua Market, but she already had hers, so we had two Pek Kueh on the table!

this was way softer than the above one as we only ate it few hours later =.=

both were similar.. but there’s slight different in the ingredients they add in to char together, this latter one had black fungus, i thought it’s something new 😀 we don’t see that in our char kuey teow or char mee!

but based on STP’s bloggie, from the photos he posted here and here, apparently black fungus is not something unusual in Pek Kueh =.=

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

i rakishly mentioned about Ang Jiu Mee Sua in front of Aunty yesterday, and look, i can has it today 😀 and i had TWO huge bowls of it!

Aunty purposely cooked this for me *touched* i have already photographed the whole process, gimme some time to process the photos then i’ll post it as Ant Can Cook lol!

Aunty get her supply of good Ang Jiu (which the red is derived from red yeast rice) from her Sis-in-law! and i sipped both Ang Jiu bought from the market and the SIL supplies, the latter is more fragrant and more errrr smooth, easily glides down the throat! the one bought from market has a more complex, and sourish taste.

Ang Jiu is an important confinement food! just like our rice wine here. usually cooks with loads of ginger to repel wind from within!

Fish Culture Cafe @ beside Medan Mall

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

met up with Dom (my ex-homie at Penang) at this Fish Culture Cafe

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

which obviously is a dim sum eatery! the have wide variety of dim sum to choose from..

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak
Foo Chow Fish Balls

but we have only tiny rooms for a basket of fish balls as we were still full from lunchy!

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

it’s not your ordinary fish balls!

there’s broth and minced meat inside! i quite likey the balls, it’s springy and the meat was flavourful!

SX bought a packet of frozen balls back for her mom to try.

Leong Leong Cafe @ Rejang Park

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

and then we adjoined to Leong Leong Cafe for afternoon tea!

STP, you remember i told you this stall that sells both kampua and gong pia one? it’s Jing Jing Cafe, which located diagonally from Leong Leong! i remembered from the environment. but i don’t remember the taste anymore.

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

we had 六味汤 which was really ordinary..

and also

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

Rojak which has nothing to shout about either. our rojak here (as in Peninsular) is better, with more prevalent shrimp paste taste.

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

we also ordered Gong Pia, both wet and..

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

dry version!

i know they look really lonely being solitary. but we were really too stuffed with food already! couldn’t take in more..

although the wet one was more flavourful, i still preferred the dry version. i don’t like soggy food sorry!

and donnowhy the dry one is significantly smaller in size than the wet one. SX said it’s because it absorbed all the broth and expanded =.=

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

soda made in Sarawak! borrowed from the lady bossie for photography purpose, didn’t try it. but my friends said it’s more or less like those important ones wo. i was somehow intrigued by the banana flavoured..

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

SX, Dom & moi! 😀

the world is so small i tell you, SX was my roomie for three years back in Bint-ulu, while Dom was my homie for 1.5 years in Penang. and both of them are colleagues now at Sibu! how can the world be so small one!

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

and look! a rainbow! i see it as a good omen and indeed, my Sibu trip was really a good one! and i didn’t miss my flight!

and then i had dinner at SX’s together with the family members. and i had another two bowls of Ang Jiu Mee Sua! XD

we also had a this salt-baked fish dish, which was tapao-ed from the family restaurant! the fish was really soft and moist and yummy, surprisingly! it’s just salt and serai (stuffed inside the fish, to remove fishiness, i think)!

Karaoke @ Terminal (opposite of Fish Culture Cafe)

3D2N @ Sibu, Sarawak

we ended the night singing our lungs out at Terminal. the PA system wasn’t really great here and we could actually hear what’s next door singing =.=

we did had a good time nonetheless!

and tomorrow’s (May 4th) my last day at Sibu! 🙁 and also my last day to have Sarawak Laksa 🙁


30 thoughts on “{3D2N @ Sibu} Day 2 Food-Hunting & Karaoke

  1. She’s from Malacca, Huai Bin…now in Penang…was studying in Bintulu long ago when we first met. Flew back Saturday night and went straight back to Malacca to exercise her democratic right. Definitely not from Sibu.
    suituapui recently posted..Miss you like crazy…My Profile

  2. The laksa there is probably watered down to suit the local Foochow taste. We find that a lot here. I prefer Thomson or a couple of Malay stalls opposite Sanyan/Parkson – more to my taste.

    Black fungus, they say, is good for health – you can try goggling that. They’re ok…tasteless…no smell, not like seaweed.

    Did you bring any ang jiu home? Can’t get that over at your side…unless you make your own. So nice…. Yummmm!!!!

    Not a fan of Fish Culture…or Leong Leong but both are very popular – I’ve blogged about both these places. Always crowded. I guess different people have different taste – to each his own.
    suituapui recently posted..Numbers…My Profile

    1. the laksa tasted good actually, just not as creamy as Thomson’s! i was okay with it.. and the uncle served us was friendly, he knew i came from Semenanjung, he came over and ask how’s his laksa fair when we left! haha i told him i can’t get that here T___________T have to cook laksa myself to satiate my own craving :/

      i know black fungus is cook! just that we don’t usually see it in chu char here! so it’s kinda interesting to me haha

      aunty gave me a homemade ang jiu omg i felt so touched! but mami seized it T_________T how can liddis one!

      both Fish Culture & Leong Leong wasn’t really crowded when i was there! wanted to try the chicken chop next to Medan Mall which you recommended one, but haih my useless stomach couldn’t fit any food anymore 🙁 and the Anson! so crowded!
      Constance Ann recently posted..Penang: Generation Beauty Talk 2013 & Get Close with Female BloggersMy Profile

  3. I’m as confused as HB.. you’re from Malacca.. but how come you vote in Sibu?? O.o hahahahaha.. wait.. i think i need to read more here 😛

    oh oh.. my first time voting too.. and i dirtied my whole hand O.o
    ahlost recently posted..My 18th BirthdayMy Profile

    1. You came to Sibu, never contacted me, Cibol…only saw photos of the food you ate here. there and everywhere on Facbook… Not enough friend lah like that!!!! Not like Annant, so sweet and so nice.
      suituapui recently posted..So much better…My Profile

    1. what we usually get here is rice wine.. but my friend’s mami was really nice she gave me a huge bottle to be brought back! but my mami seized it =.= tsk

      speaking of confinement food, i likey zhu geok chou MOOORE!

  4. […] it was almost four years ago since i last stepped foot on Sibu! and i must say Sibu has certainly developed a lot especially the airport! and also the addition of Giant & Daesco! road also smoother i heard. last time, i dined more in Cafes and Restaurant, this time around, my one and only request to Xiang the ex-roomie was, Sarawak Laksa everyfreakingday idoncare! so far wish granted, i had laksa for the past two days which you can read about here and here […]

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