{Malacca} Western Food @ Nubacha Charbroil Grillhouse

Nubacha 13
April 14th, 2014 [Monday]

{Malacca} Western Food @ Nubacha Charbroil Grillhouse

judging by its name, Nubacha, you might mistaken it as a Japanese restaurant.


it is a Western restaurant which many might overlook although it is located near to a busy junction at Bukit Cina (the graves mini hill). i didn’t notice its existence until bffwb mentioned it. locating Nubacha shouldn’t be a problem, if a direction idiot (yours truly) can find it, so do you. but, parking is lil’ problematic here as it is situated on a busy road and parking space is scarce. i must be the lucky star that day as we managed to secure a parking lot right in front of the restaurant! hoho!

apparently it is quite popular in Malacca’s Western food restaurant scene. you know i always joke that i am not Malaccan cos whenever people ask me where to makan i #foreberdonno unless you want some touristy eateries la. the reason being 1. i eat homecooked food most of the time 2. i am not that foodie when i am at home :/

i kinda mentioned it to mami and she suggested we should give it a try when daddy stayed back for an long weekend. i forgot what’s the occasion, prolly Good Friday or something.

{Malacca} Western Food @ Nubacha Charbroil Grillhouse

{Malacca} Western Food @ Nubacha Charbroil Grillhouse

i was intrigued by the charbroil cooking.

generally, charbroil is a cooking technique that cooks over a grill stove with lava rocks which takes about twenty to thirty minutes of cooking time.

the food is gradually cooked by the radiant heat from the lava rocks. the original fats from the meat then drips from the food to the bottom of the grill. this will then bring out the natural aroma and flavour of the meat with minimal oil.

i was really looking forward to the said charbroil meat, wondering how different would it be compared to ordinary steak/chop.

{Malacca} Western Food @ Nubacha Charbroil Grillhouse

{Malacca} Western Food @ Nubacha Charbroil Grillhouse

{Malacca} Western Food @ Nubacha Charbroil Grillhouse

{Malacca} Western Food @ Nubacha Charbroil Grillhouse

most of the time, when i am dining out with someone, be it friend or family, i feel really guilty if i leave my companion alone for too long. so i will just anyhow take a quick shot at the surrounding and facade. but today i took my own sweet time because daddy was here to entertain mami while i was snapping around!

i wanted to steal their geometric chairs so badly! oh boy! i can imagine my butt goes numb after resting on it for awhile. not ergonomic enough huh.

{Malacca} Western Food @ Nubacha Charbroil Grillhouse

{Malacca} Western Food @ Nubacha Charbroil Grillhouse

Creamy Mushroom Soup | RM 5.90

when i was placing order, i asked the waiter,

“is this mushroom soup homemade?”
“yes! we prepare it from scratch!”

*raises eyebrow*

well, i doubted cos it tastes exactly like a Campbell’s! except that Nubacha tops it with pinch of pepper and some cream and a garlic bread! i do enjoy the crisp crust of the toast though, and that’s the only part memorable of this dish. i prefer Wok & Pan’s more, at least theirs are homemade as they claim.

yeah i am comparing Nubacha to Wok & Pan cos they are the (only) two Western restaurants that i went recently.

{Malacca} Western Food @ Nubacha Charbroil Grillhouse

{Malacca} Western Food @ Nubacha Charbroil Grillhouse

Cheesy Amatriciana Spaghetti | RM 16.20

because it was our first visit, we were playing it safe by ordering only two main courses. you see,  my daddy is a typical China man, rice is his staple that he would feel insecurely unsatisfying without it. #饭桶 i already foresaw we would be having second round (of food) after this, and i was right!

this spaghetti tossed in Amatriciana sauce which made up of bacon bits, cheese and tomato is heavily infused with herbs and expectedly, daddy did not enjoy it as muchy as i did! the flavour is more intense than Wok & Pan’s, but i wish there was more bacon bits in it!

{Malacca} Western Food @ Nubacha Charbroil Grillhouse

{Malacca} Western Food @ Nubacha Charbroil Grillhouse

Spicy Pork Chop Aloha | RM 17.30

we waited about 20 mins for this pork chop. totally worth the wait i reckon! the two slabs of charbroiled pork chop are so tender and succulent. the China man had most of the serving, it’s a sign that he enjoyed it tremendously! the old man is super fussy with his food. in fact the men in my family are super demanding when it comes to food, unless it’s mami’s cooking la, since we are not paying so cannot make too muchy noise {Malacca} Western Food @ Nubacha Charbroil Grillhouse

the texture comes close to a dry-aged pork chop which Jacgy of 43 Cafe treated me some time back. it is really juicy and has this distinct smokey flavour (not charred) that unleashes once you chew on it. the pork chop is already scrumptious on its own, the sauce is a total redundant, i thought! it is served with salads and potato which are decent. for some reason i prefer mashed potato.


i do recommend Nubacha if you are looking for some good pork chop in Malacca! just remember to skip the mushroom soup ar! the price might be a lil’ steeper than Wok & Pan, but i guess the pork chop worth ebery penny paid! <– i think daddy thought so too.


Nubacha Charbroil Grillhouse

8B, Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho,

75000 Melaka.

+6011 28882182

Facebook page


    1. hallo Penang Ho Chiak!

      YES! the ones that 43 Cafe, JL Gourmet, Mizi Bistro offer are made from scratch (i believe) and for Malacca, so far it’s Wok & Pan’s!

      and if you’re in Klang Valley, i do love Monte’s located at Bangsar Village! ;)

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