{Klang Valley} Lunchy @ Royal Selangor Club, Bukit Kiara

royal selangor club

once in a blue moon, we would pop by Royal Selangor Club for lunchy, or for a drink or two in the evening, overlooking the green Dataran Merdeka and the architectural Merdeka Square. and do you know that, Royal Selangor Club aged more than a century! you can read here for its history story.

the one we went to recently, which located at Bukit Kiara is actually a sport annexe which houses various facilities, including TWO football fields (if you are lucky, you might be able to see some cute guys ehehehehehe), hockey field, cricket pitch, gymnasium, rugby field, swimming pool, tennis and pool tables!

of course there’s also restaurants which serve Chinese, Western, Local and Japanese cuisine. we were there at 2ish pm, and it’s still pretty crowded with working adults, some don in suits, prolly having some serious business talk *yawn yawn*. three of us (Kaiye, Kaima & i) ordered four dishes to share, since i had a bus to catch later, i didn’t wanna overeat.

Mee Goreng Mamak | RM 6.90

i don’t usually eat mee goreng, i am a meehoon person! but this got me hook on. it’s not extraordinarily delicious, but donno why i sapu-ed half of the plate clean! i think the condiment used is the secret! you won’t feel jelak after few spoon cos it’s not oily.

Young Chow Fried Rice | RM 6.90

they ordered this whenever they are here and i can see why. the rice was soft, fluffy and fragrant but i frowned at the sight of frozen vegetables, no thanks.

Salmon Teppan Set | RM 23

Oyster Teppan Set | RM 23

and then we had Japanese set meals! it’s a local mixed japanese lunchy LOL. both sets come with a bowl of rice and a miso soup respectively.

the salmon’s skin was slightly crispy which i loved, with the flesh remained soft and flaky. and my favourite dish of the day was these succulent oyster OMG. it’s slightly fried, but still juicy as ever OMG OMG *hyperventilated*!


overall, the food was decent and reasonably price! and service was impeccable! of course la, we paid so muchy for the membership, mestilah layan kami macam king and queens wtf.

if you don’t mind the jam and all, i would suggest you all go the KL one! and it’s strictly for members only!

Royal Selangor Club


Royal Selangor Club (Dataran)
Jalan Raja
P.0 Box 10137,
50704 Kuala Lumpur
+603 26927166

Royal Selangor Club (Bukit Kiara)
Jalan Bukit Kiara Off Jalan Damansara
(E23, Lebuhraya Sprint),
60000, Kuala Lumpur
+603 26927166


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  1. OMG your food pics! I love fried rice, err, yea, I simply love fried rice so yes, that second pic, I stared at it and started swallowing hard. Hahahhaa.

    Luckily I already had lunch 😀

    1. where got high class…okok only la 😀

      for entry you need to show your member card. so you just need one friend to have that then can masuk makan jor. but the facility i think strictly for member only. or their immediate family members i guess!

  2. Eyewwwww!!!! The fried shallots on the mee goreng looks like the ones packed in plastic bags sold in the supermarkets. Here, the Malay stalls love to use that. Not nice lah…got funny smell, don’t like.

    Fried rice? Hmmm…I think mine is nicer. Hehehehehe!!!! Will blog one one recipe tomorrow.

    I love the plates they use for the fish. Blue & white. My favourite!!!
    suituapui recently posted..Do it like this…My Profile

    1. i never shallots in any form, fried or fresh, i just shove them to the side 😛

      i hate fried rice that studded with frozen vegetables! the texture is ewwwwww

      oh your favourite color is blue? so typical for a guy 😛 just like how girl likey pink 😛 😛

    1. the oyster’s my favourite! you’ve got taste! haha

      i look at the picha again oh boy i am soooo hungry, skipped brekkie this morning thanks to alarm malfunction tsk

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