{Body} Germ Blaster by bloop

{Body} Germ Blaster by bloop

bloop has just launched a new series of anti-bacterial hand gels – Germ Blaster!

hand sanitizer will come in handy during inaccessibility to water + soap. neber underestimate how muchy germs are inhabiting (comfortably) on our hands. just imagine la the countless things that are in contact with our hands, ebery day. the money, mouse, phone, door knobs, tables, keyboard, handles, other people’s hand and etc etc *shudders*

that’s why i always keep one in my bag, to sanitize my hand before meal, or before touching up my makeup, or whenever i feel my hands are dirty.

{Body} Germ Blaster by bloop

what i really love about bloop’s Germ Blaster is, it smells heavenly! which is a plus point, on top of its blasting-99%-of germs-feature!

there’s 5 types of Germ Blaster available..

{Body} Germ Blaster by bloop

from left to right:

1. Traveler Germ Blaster – possess travel power to teleport the germs

2. Fuzzy Germ Blaster – possess fuzzy power to slash the germs

3. Loving Germ Blaster – posses love power to destroy the germs

4. Professor Germ Blaster – possess knowledge power to destroy the germs

5. Dancing Germ Blaster – posses dance power to bash the germs


one whole set will only cost you RM 24.50 and you’ll get a complimentary adorable holder which you can attach it to your bag or key holder!

{Body} Germ Blaster by bloop

{Body} Germ Blaster by bloop

the main active ingredient in Germ Blaster is trichlosan, an antibacterial agent found in many consumer products, including soaps and detergents.

neh the floating tiny blue beads are the active particles which do all the dirty job in cleaning your hands!

{Body} Germ Blaster by bloop

{Body} Germ Blaster by bloop

how to use?

just squeeze a dollop out and start washing your hand, like how you normally do. sans water! i bet you wouldn’t stop sniffing at them after that! {Body} Germ Blaster by bloop


you can get Germ Blaster on bloop website!


for more info, visit bloop on

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bloopinc

Instagram & Twitter: @bloopcosmetics

Website: www.bloop-bloop.com

Outlets: bloop @ Sunway Pyramid LG Floor Lot 1.65

@ Genting Highland First World Plaza, LOT F/L 2A.33 (Level T2A)


Recently one of my close relative was diagnosed with diabetes. This isn’t my first encounter with diabetic patient. My popo has to rely on medication to control her high blood sugar level. And my neighbor had to amputate his toes after a mild (he thought) infection which turned out to be severe for diabetic patient. And I am sure you have heard such ordeals which your family or friend went through. And it always is the leg. And I think it all started with numbness.

For us regular people, numbness is temporary and often caused by compression. It would subside with a little exercise/movement to increase blood flow. But for the diabetics, numbness can be due to damaged sensory nerves, causing them to lose sensation.

With their senses affected, they would not be able to feel or sense effectively. With that in mind, when they move about and accidentally injure themselves, they may not notice the wound as they don’t have strong nerve senses to pick out the injury. This is because they don’t have strong nerves to feel the pain that regular people can feel when they’re injured.

Since diabetics cannot feel the pain and may not even notice the wound, they may missed out treating the wound. Hence, the untreated wound would lead to severe infection.

If prolong without any treatment, the infection may be so severe to the extent that the limb have to be amputated! Yes amputation. Sounds scary right! I can’t imagine life without my limbs. *touchy wood*


My relative was introduced to Live-well MECOMIN by her friend recently.

“MECOMIN contains mecobalamin, the neurologically-active form of Vitamin B12 vital to the central and peripheral nervous system. Mecobalamin protects against neurological disease and has the ability to regenerate damaged nerves in people, especially diabetics with peripheral nerve damage.”

In point form,

Intake of MECOMIN will supplement your body with Vitamin B12 which

  • Helps regenerate damaged nerves
  • Promotes healthy nerves
  • Protects against degeneration process of the nervous system
  • Reduces nerve pain from diabetes
  • And hence reduce the risk of amputation

My relative decided to give Live-well MECOMIN a try and after few months consumption, she feels less pain/numbness on her leg!!!

And then again, prevent is waaaaay better than cure. Thus, you should love your body more and reduce sugar intake (kurang manis should be your favourite phrase!) in order to reduce the risk of diabetes!

{Printit} Print Your Memories + Giveaway!

my internal & external hardisks are inundated with memories, since the day i got my digital camera in Form 6 i think. it started quite late, i know. kids nowadays are so canggih! i only had my first dinosaur (PC) when i was form 3, now EBERY toddler has one ipad (mini) each. life is so unfair huh!

anyway, i have a lot of photos virtually, but i hardly have any physical copy, other than those taken with Ms Lulu (the Instax)! i have been wanting to print some out to have them hung up on the Wall of Fame but haih too lazy to budge. tsk tsk tsk. so when Printit invited me to review their latest products, i faititly seized the opportunity ehehehehehe.

{Printit} Print Your Memories + Giveaway!

i downloaded Printit apps on Appstore. and this is what i will be reviewing – Square Postcard!

yes postcards with MY photos.

Printit for iOS was first launched on Appstore on 11 February 2014, and the first order came in almost
immediately. Printit for Android was launched on 2 April 2014. To date, Printit has printed over 5,000
photos for over 200 happy customers all over Malaysia.

{Printit} Print Your Memories + Giveaway!

some of the new products just launched this month are

1. SquarePostcard (11.5cm X 13.5cm) & WidePostcard (9.5cm X 18cm)

Create your own postcards with your most fondest memories, and share it to every corner of the world. Let your memories travel extra miles to bring happiness everywhere.

2. MiniBook (8.6cm X 11.6cm, 20 pages) & SquareBook (11.4cm X 14.8cm, 20 pages)

Printit Photobooks works marvelously as a photo stand, too. It can sit on your workdesk (you can change photo every day by flipping it), your hotel room when you travel, and of course, an awesome gift for your loved ones.

3. George Town Festival Postcards (Available from 1 July to 15 September 2014)

As the Official Merchandize Partner of George Town Festival 2014, we’re proud to present you the  limited edition GTF’14 Postcards. Available in both sizes, you can create beautiful GTF’14 branded postcards with your beautifully taken photo of the unique, gorgeous, our most loved Penang island.

{Printit} Print Your Memories + Giveaway!

after selecting your photos, you will have to fill up your shipping info.

{Printit} Print Your Memories + Giveaway!

and then your photos will be uploaded to the server.

{Printit} Print Your Memories + Giveaway!

make payment and then wait patiently for them to arrive!

{Printit} Print Your Memories + Giveaway!

my 20 pieces of limited edition postcards, documenting wonderful places i visited the past years/precious moment with people i love/touristy spots in Malacca.

i was beaming looking at them, marveling at my own creation XD.

the quality is quite top notch, vivid colours on matte card prints.

{Printit} Print Your Memories + Giveaway!

i really do plan to send some of them out, to the ones whom we together shared the special moment/explored the foreign land.

so if you receive one, be grateful LOL.

{Printit} Print Your Memories + Giveaway!

my (temporary) Wall of Fame featuring few of my favourites among the pile of postcard!

places that i left footprint on, from left to right:

Shanghai – Kota Kinabalu – Malacca – Malacca – Malacca – Jakarta – Mataking Island – Sapi Island

have to show some love for my hometown!

{Printit} Print Your Memories + Giveaway!

{Printit} Print Your Memories + Giveaway!

these series taken with (some by) my bffwb, showcasing two mandatory tourist spots in Malacca – Dutch Windmill & Christ Church.

oh #funfact, do you know that the windmill is not originally part of the Dutch Square? it’s only added into Dutch Square structure in 1950s as a remembrance of Dutch colonization in Malacca!

{Printit} Print Your Memories + Giveaway!

to remind myself, to never stop exploring as sky’s the limit.

i really do likey challenge myself to explore new (thrill) thing.

after parasailing, i found myself jumped off a 20 ft high waterfall few weeks later, without any safety precaution. no life jacket no life guard but got life insurance XD. how did i summoned up my gut, i have no idea.

internship in Sabah was the best 10 weeks of my life!

{Printit} Print Your Memories + Giveaway!

Every photo was taken for a reason, and those are the moments we treasure. Technology has made photo-taking a daily thing, especially from smartphones. Unfortunately it also made us forgotten about the meaning of photo-taking – which we believe is to immortalise memories we treasure. We could store hundreds of GBs of photos in hard disks (and probably view them again 18 months later), yet we never thought of printing them because it was troublesome to do so. How sad.

We want to revive the joy of holding your precious memories in your hand, stick them on your wall, your fridge, your mirror, your reunion party… And we want you to be able to do it just from your smartphones.

- philosophy behind Printit -

{Printit} Print Your Memories + Giveaway!

you know, i had a hard time choosing ONLY 20 photos, from many many many gigabytes of photobank (I lost count). but i knew, i’m gonna send them out, so i picked those that can tell a story! that’s the purpose of postcard anyway. why keep them to collect dust when you can send them, to revive the happiness!

i was grinning while rummaging photos. how often do you look back at memories? i only take out my external hardisk when i need certain foodie photos. i usually transfer those blogged photos into external hardisk as back up. so yeah i was beaming, spent a good 24h selecting the best 20.

with digital camera, we usually take several shots of one object at one angle, cos no need to pay one ma, unlike analog, every shutter counts (or costs, depends how you see it). that’s the similar case here, i only chose those that worth printing, and will put a smile on the receiver. i hope.

so what are you waiting for?

install Printit apps now and start printing! {Printit} Print Your Memories + Giveaway! it’s available on both Appstore & Play Store!

{Printit} Print Your Memories + Giveaway!
{Printit} Print Your Memories + Giveaway!

i guess it’d be a thoughtful surprise to the one you love <3 (now you know why i requested your address).



AntzWorLd is giving away 10 x RM 5 voucher!

the first 10 Anteaders (AntzWorLd readers) who email me at annant[at]constance-ant.com with title Printit Giveaway will get the discount code! limited to SquarePostcard only.

giveaway is opened for Malaysian only.

what are you waiting for? creating your own postcards are just few taps away! {Printit} Print Your Memories + Giveaway!

{Penang} The ManGoes Cafe @ Beach Street

you know i have long detached myself from Penang Cafes scene. it seems like the cafe culture is still standing strong in Penang huh as ebery now and then i can see new cafes mushrooming here and there. where do i get the updates? neh via KenHuntFood.com la. {Penang} The ManGoes Cafe @ Beach Street

so when i was in Penang end of last month, i went on cafes hunting with Ken. we roamed across the bridge to Bukit Mertajam and then stormed back to George Town later in the evening. we had 5 pieces of cake on that day itself. as if we were on weight gain mission =.=. many of them didn’t make it (read: lousy) but this particular cafe’s left an impression!

May 2014

{Penang} The ManGoes Cafe @ Beach Street

{Penang} The ManGoes Cafe @ Beach Street

the man goes. literally.

i told Ken jokingly “why this cafe so sexist geh, man goes, whataboue woman! pfft” and then i posted on Instagram as well which linked to AntzWorLd’s Facebook Page. later that day, the personnel of The Man Goes left a comment, enlightened me that it’s actually Mangoes! they playfully split the word up in a. LOL.

{Penang} The ManGoes Cafe @ Beach Street

{Penang} The ManGoes Cafe @ Beach Street

{Penang} The ManGoes Cafe @ Beach Street

{Penang} The ManGoes Cafe @ Beach Street

Lemon Cheese | RM 12; Mango | complimentary; Tea by cup | RM 7 (refillable)

we had two pieces of cakes – Lemon Cheese & Mango, and a cuppa tea to unwind ourselves. yes what a fruitful cakeful day! fortunately these cakes didn’t fail us. however, both of us agreed that Mango Cake fairs wayyy better than the Lemon Cheese. Mango Cake was light on the palate, do remember that these were our 4th and 5th cakes of the day, we couldn’t tolerate anything heavy anymore. the cake was moist and dense, melt almost instantly in my mouth, except the mango studs. our cuppa Earl Grey Lavender (i think) sure did a remarkably job in cleansing our calorie- cake-laden palate.

if you absolutely LOVE cheese, then the tangy Lemon Cheese is made for you. one thing remarkable is, the cakes weren’t high on sugar.

{Penang} The ManGoes Cafe @ Beach Street

{Penang} The ManGoes Cafe @ Beach Street

they served only cakes and beverages during my visit, they were pretty new then, like five-day-old. no sure whether they serve mains now, you can hop on to their Facebook page for more info.

{Penang} The ManGoes Cafe @ Beach Street

{Penang} The ManGoes Cafe @ Beach Street

{Penang} The ManGoes Cafe @ Beach Street

{Penang} The ManGoes Cafe @ Beach Street

{Penang} The ManGoes Cafe @ Beach Street

{Penang} The ManGoes Cafe @ Beach Street

{Penang} The ManGoes Cafe @ Beach Street

{Penang} The ManGoes Cafe @ Beach Street

the warm lighting surely enhance the laid-back and cosy ambiance here. i could have slouched there for a whole afternoon, but we had a more important thing to do – shopping. hehe.


The ManGoes Cafe

496, Beach Street,

10300 George Town,


Business Hours:

0900 – 1700

closed on Monday


{AntzFavourites} June Edition

wow so fast half a year poof gone already. time, can you slow abit ar? :/

anyway, here’s my June’s favourites, just a quickie!

{AntzFavourites} June Edition

photo taken with iBaby

in no particular order:

1. LANEIGE BB Cushion – BlabberBee swears by this product and i have been itching to get one since foreber. when bestie went to Korea in May, i seized the opportunity and asked her to brought back one for me! it’s priced at about RM 100 in Korea, slightly cheaper than Malaysia’s. and after using it for a month, i have to say i really likey this product. i finally get it why eberyone raves about this BB Cushion! it’s berry hydrating and it covers up the pores so well! and on top of all that, it smells really good! i am always smiling whenever i’m patting it on my face, nice way to kick start the dreaded morning! the coverage is pretty sheer compared to other BB Creams, i just have to layer some concealer and it’s all good!

2. GoGirl! – it’s been in my bag ever since i received this female urination device. you know, just in case ;). you can read my review here!

3. L’OCCITANE Acacia Creme Mains Hand Cream - this is another staple that i keep in my go-to makeup bag! it moisturizes my hand without leaving sticky trace and the scent is oh-so-soothing. even the boys love it! {AntzFavourites} June Edition

4. Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliner – another new love of the month has to be this liquid eyeliner. i am truly amazed at its staying power on my oily lids! application with its super thin tip is also amazingly easy and smooth. review is here, if you miss it.

5. Sonia! - of course i have to add Sonia into June’s favourites! Sonny Angel is an angelic lil’ japanese boy who loves to flash his birdy who’s too cute to look at! you can find Sonny Angel wearing various headgear ranging from vegetables to fruits to animal to macaroon! and i particularly fancy the cheetah one (soooo me). the best part? you wouldn’t know what you’ll get until you unbox it (good business tactic huh!). and i guess the secret works great that day and i got exactly what i wanted at Cubix, 1 Utama at RM 25. oh the undies he’s wearing costs additional RM 8. follow Sonny Angel’s Facebook here.

6. Zebra Print Clutch - it’s an oversized clutch Kikilala got it for me from Korea which i used it as a background in the photo above. hehe! if you don’t know what to get for me as souvenir next time, anything with leopard/zebra print will do! *hints hints* wtf

okay that’s all for today! have a great week ahead! {AntzFavourites} June Edition

July, purleeese treat me well okie!

{AntzFavourites} June Edition