{Beauty} O’slee Skincare

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{Beauty} Oslee Skincare

my skin is changing ever since i started working. i stay in air-conditioned rooms almost all day long resulting dry and flaky skin *wails* and my skin condition was magnified with makeup on *bawls*.

my (then) skincare regime couldn’t salvage. i started to outsource and that’s how i stumbled upon O’slee. well, this isn’t my first encounter with O’slee. I have tried their O’slee Rosehip Hydra-White Cleansing Powder and loved it! and so coincidentally, my friend from O’slee wanted to send me a bottle of their new star product for review, i might as well purchased the hydrating range from O’slee.

I have been using them day and night for three weeks and i love how my skin is so supple now even though i stay in air-conditioned room most of the time! makeup stays on better too!

so here’s my current beauty regime after cleansing..

{Beauty} Oslee Skincare

{Beauty} Oslee Skincare

O’slee Rosehip Beauty Solution Ruby Toner c/o O’slee | RM 59.90  RM 50.88

1. Toner

made with natural clustered water which permeates into skins and cells easily, activates the cell tissue and releases the vitality of life.

in this 4th generation, O’slee Rosehip Beauty Solution Ruby Toner is added with essential of rosehip, providing multi-benefits to skin

    • moisturizing
    • pore-refining
    • whitening
    • improve skin elasticity .

also, the toner is packed with the essential of peas which

  • increases collagen repairmen
  • tights up and reduces wrinkles
  • improves the absorption ability of skin.

i use toner with cotton pad and wipe it across my face, neck , back ears and collarbone in that chronological order, learnt that after watching 女人我最大, maximizing the cost of toner and cotton pad wtf. back ears part is usually neglectable especially when it’s no-hairwash day(s). so i’ll make sure to clean these parts with cotton pad damped with toner!

on those nights that i am super tired and couldn’t be bothered with the regime, i will at least pat some toner on. i might skip serum or moisturizer, but i will never skimp on toner. donno if it makes any sense la.

{Beauty} Oslee Skincare

{Beauty} Oslee Skincare

Hydra Medi – Intensive Hydrating Serum | RM 129.90 RM 39.88

2. Serum

contains high concentration of hyaluronic acid that is readily-adsorbed to infuse a rush of moisture into skin which exerts following benefits to skin:

  • strengthens skin’s moisture barrier for a more resilient and radiance appearance.
  • combined with Vitamin B5, it nourishes skin and smooths away fine lines.
  • Vitamin B3 repairs and renews skin cells to reduce the appearance of spots, leaving white and flawless skin.

the texture is slightly slimy, considering this is normal as it’s jam packed with hyaluronic acid! and true enough, the serum is swiftly absorbed by my skin in seconds!! or maybe my skin was too thirsty…

{Beauty} Oslee Skincare

{Beauty} Oslee Skincare

Aqua Medi – Refreshing Hydro Cream | RM 129.90 RM 55.88 

3. Moisturizer

made with Opuntia Ficus-Indica, Narcissus Tazetta and Glycyrrhiza Uralensis which protect skin cell against damage caused by dryness. also, it contains hyaluronic acid which enhances immediate moisture boost and strengthens skin’s resistance to fine, dry lines.

the texture is gel-like and when in contact with heat (body temperature) it turns into liquid-like and quickly absorbed by the skin leaving a dewy surface.

{Beauty} Oslee Skincare

here’s P’s back palm, after toning, serum-ing and moisturizing with O’slee hydrating range, isn’t it looks 水当当?! and she couldn’t stop sniffing after that! that’s how my skin looks like too after following the 3 steps! so far, the improvements i notice are

  1. my skin is supple, no more flaky. except one morning i had dried nose cos i skipped the regime the night before :X and regretted it rightaway.
  2. my skin is glowing even it’s bare, without makeup.
  3. makeup staaaays!

i must say that their hydrating range really does work!

if you are interested in O’slee products, it’s exclusively available at all Guardian outlets and online!

True Love

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so i have been showing up at this gym centre for the past few weeks. my colleagues applaud me for my determination but my superior thought otherwise. there must be some hunks that worth my effort, he said.


so i gave it a thought. if a guy fall for me for who i am in the gym…

True Love


imagine me drenched in sweat, looking au naturel without makeup and push up bra, all my fat revealing in tight gym outfit (bat wings waving hallooooo wtf), scrunched face trying to finish that one damn rep and wet armpits…

if he loves that me, it must be true love… and i’m pretty looking forward to meeting him soon! #justsaying #notreally #despo

{WorkFit} Capri Pants

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here’s my baby effort of updating this dying blog regularly!

after working in this company for nearly a month, i think it’s okay to show my true self now :/. brought Hugo to work today, mustered some courage and approached my colleague, P, to snap my outfit, before everyone else arrived. i had to ignore the puzzled looks on the guards though.

today’s outfit features the checkered capri pants that i have owned for more than 10 years, but only worn twice! i was VERY conscious with my fat thigh and huge bum. my body shape didn’t change one bit over the years, i just felt it’s OKAY to have meaty thigh and perky butt. i have started hitting the gym to tone up my flabby body parts ie bat wings and thigh! it feels good to drench in sweat after a long day at work, some of you might thought otherwise though.

{WorkFit} Capri Pants

there’s no strict dress code in my company, i can dress how ever i likey as long as i don’t show up in birthday suit!

{WorkFit} Capri Pants

it was such a good morning with soft sunlight!

the photos turned out better than we thought as P is a virgin in photographing. it’s hilarious to see P trying to zoom my prime lens * smacks forehead*. well, i believe with my nurture (chewah) she will morph into a pro in no time XD.

{WorkFit} Capri Pants

the blazer that i wore here is also a vintage piece of more than 20 years! i love rummaging mami’s wardrobe and seizing pieces that she can no longer fit it anymore hehehehehe.

i really do think work has changed the way i look. like i really look like a woman now! or maybe it’s the hairstyle.. which i intended to grow it out cos i want my long wavy mane back!

{WorkFit} Capri Pants

Sembonia heels that i managed to grab at a super good price! they are so comfy that i have absolutely no problem walking in them for the whole day! i go for comfort over fancy now, a sign of aging growing eh?

i guess you will see me strutting in them pretty often cos i’m commuting between two homes ( WorkHome during weekday and HomeHome on weekend) and i only store few pairs in my car. yesh the backseat turns into my makeshift wardrobe, there’s my gym attire, sneakers, flats, flip flop, sandals and this pair of heels.

{WorkFit} Capri Pants

that’s all for today. hopefully you won’t have to wait another month for next post {WorkFit} Capri Pants

have a great week ahead guys! weekend is just two days away!

{Malacca Cafe} The Daily Fix @ Jonker Walk

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{Malacca Cafe} The Daily Fix @ Jonker Walk

more and more cafes is budding in Malacca! now that i’m based here, i’m super pleased that local cafe culture is blooming. i have more options when it comes to selecting yumcoffee spot with my friends, even though i’m not really a coffee person.

The Daily Fix Cafe is one of the cafes i visited recently which leaves quite an impression!

{Malacca Cafe} The Daily Fix @ Jonker Walk

{Malacca Cafe} The Daily Fix @ Jonker Walk

{Malacca Cafe} The Daily Fix @ Jonker Walk

The Daily Fix Cafe is located at prime location of Jonker Walk (aka Jalan Hang Jebat) which is the busiest road among all. however, you might easily overlook as it’s situated at the back of a souvenir shop.

The Daily Fix Cafe takes full advantage of its aged structure by preserving the vintage element, which is evident throughout the establishment. my friend brought his mom along, and she was gushing how they used to have the same furniture especially the sewing machine and the wooden cupboard storing kitchenware and leftover. she also lamented she should have kept them all and could make a fortune by selling them now! haha!{Malacca Cafe} The Daily Fix @ Jonker Walk

{Malacca Cafe} The Daily Fix @ Jonker Walk

{Malacca Cafe} The Daily Fix @ Jonker Walk

Cappuccino | RM 8

{Malacca Cafe} The Daily Fix @ Jonker Walk

Mocha | RM 9

the hot beverages were decent. i do appreciate their effort of pretty coffee art! #shallow
pricing was moderate too despite the hefty rental.

{Malacca Cafe} The Daily Fix @ Jonker Walk

{Malacca Cafe} The Daily Fix @ Jonker Walk

Ham Sandwich | RM 14

my friend, T and i really like the sandwich, or to be precise, the roasted sesame dressing on the salad is more mesmerizing. the sandwich wasn’t sloppy and the bread that they use isn’t dry and hard.

{Malacca Cafe} The Daily Fix @ Jonker Walk

{Malacca Cafe} The Daily Fix @ Jonker Walk

{Malacca Cafe} The Daily Fix @ Jonker Walk

Banana Pancake | RM 9.90

the pancake was somehow lustreless. albeit fluffy, it’s thick and too moist for our liking.

but i would like to try their Espresso Pancake Stacks on next visit, where you drown the pancake with a shot of espresso.  {Malacca Cafe} The Daily Fix @ Jonker Walk

{Malacca Cafe} The Daily Fix @ Jonker Walk

{Malacca Cafe} The Daily Fix @ Jonker Walk

the young and proud owner of The Daily Fix Cafe. damn.

{Malacca Cafe} The Daily Fix @ Jonker Walk

The Daily Fix Cafe

55, Jalan Hang Jebat,

75200 Melaka.


Business Hours:

1000 – 1730

closed on Tuesday

No, I’m Chinese

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so i was having a meeting with some government officers the other day. towards the end..

she: em… are you…

me: no, I’m Chinese

she: you knew what i was about to ask! you have such a unique name!

me: of course i knew! awww thanks!

she: there must have been dozens of people questioned you that huh.

me: yeesssss… too many!

just because i’m a Malaccan Chinese, that doesn’t make me a Baba Nyonya by default, please.